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Tense Calm in Kaduna After Riots

November 26, 2002 : The situation in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna was reported to be tense but calm following riots and clashes between Muslims and Christians that killed more than 200 people.
- Nigeria's President Blames 'Irresponsible Journalism' For Rioting : VOA News

Sydney’s vitality offers Anglicans a way to retrieve their lost souls

November 26, 2002 : Ever since his appointment as Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen has come under fire from some quarters for his bible-thumping brand of Christianity. ... But does the fact that Jensen has so far weathered each of them with apparent ease ... suggest that his detractors are losing sight of a bigger picture?

Church pomp ‘un-Christian’ says Williams

November 26, 2002 : The new Archbishop of Canterbury has condemned the trappings of power and status in the Anglican Church as "profoundly anti-Christian".
- Church power anti-Christian, says Archbishop : The Independent
- Archbishop-elect criticises 'pomp' : The Age

Couple fly out to help the orphans of Bali

November 25, 2002 : Rocco and Sue Scarcella from Sylvania Anglican parish left on Saturday for Bali. They have helped Protestant orphanages on the island for the last 25 years. Today's Australian has James Murray's story on page 6. Unfortunately the story is not posted on the Australian's web site.

Think Twice Before Engaging in Potter Witchhunt says Evangelical Alliance (UK)

November 25, 2002 : The Evangelical Alliance is encouraging Christians to view the Harry Potter phenomenon as a significant opportunity to engage with society and present the enduring Christian world view as a positive alternative to the fantasy realm of Harry's world.

Bibles and inspirational books meet growing market

November 25, 2002 : At the end of 2002, American anxiety about terrorism, a sagging economy and the aging of the baby-boom generation continue to fuel an ever-expanding market for inspirational books.

Ten Commandments dispute continues

November 25, 2002 : In Alabama and Ohio, courts last week ordered the removal of monuments to the Ten Commandments from a state courthouse and four public schools. In Texas, a federal court just six weeks earlier ruled the opposite, deciding a monument to the Ten Commandments could stay on state capitol grounds.

Violence continues in Miss World protests

November 23, 2002 : Authorities clamped a curfew on the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna after at least 105 people were stabbed, bludgeoned or burnt to death during violent demonstrations over the Miss World pageant. Also read: - Red Cross: 100 die in Nigeria riots

Alabama county blocks in-school Bibles

November 23, 2002 : Local school officials have banned the distribution of Gideons Bibles in public schools after a parent threatened to file suit. Also read: - Limestone County blocks in-school Bible distribution

Church abuse inquiry extended

November 23, 2002 : An independent inquiry into past handling of sexual abuse complaints in the Brisbane Anglican Diocese has been given more time to complete its investigation.

News from the UK

November 23, 2002 : This week's Church of England Newspaper (CEN) and Church Times are online.
- 'Terrorism is here to stay,' says Bishop : CEN
- Bishop speaks out for marginalised children : CEN
- Bishop's 'blessing' views anger Forward in Faith : CEN
- TV finds mileage in clergy : The Church Times
- Bishop urges action to help Congolese : The Church Times

November 18 Standing Committee report online

November 22, 2002 : Follow the link to read the report on the Diocesan web site.

Iraqi Christians fear war will create tensions with Muslims

November 22, 2002 : Iraqi Christians fear that a war against Iraq will trigger religious tensions that they say presently don't exist between them and their Muslim compatriots.

Serving Christ before the pursuit of power

November 22, 2002 : It is obedience to the Scriptures and age-old church tradition that prompts the resistance to women priests, writes Peter Jensen for the Age.

Let’s respect religious difference

November 22, 2002 : The editorial page of The Australian includes an editorial referring to the Reverend Fred Nile's comments about the wearing of Muslim religious dress. Bishop Robert Forsyth is quoted. Read the editorial here (scroll down).

C of E’s parish system “on brink of collapse”

November 22, 2002 : The Church of England's parish system is on the brink of collapse due to a shortage of vicars, one of the country's highest ranking churchmen has warned. Read more...
- Decline and fall of the parish priest prompts warning from archbishop : The Guardian

Anglican Church in Canada ready to split

November 22, 2002 : Abbotsford is the battleground for an international event that may forever change the Anglican church and may be one of the biggest events since the 16th century.

American missionary shot dead in Lebanon

November 22, 2002 : A suspected Islamist gunman shot dead an American woman missionary with three bullets to the head at a charity clinic in Lebanon on Thursday, security officials and aid workers have said.

More on what would Jesus drive

November 22, 2002 : - Jesus seconded to car campaign : BBC News
- God drives in mysterious ways : The Guardian
- A heavenly set of wheels : The Carlisle Sentinel

Fred Nile’s remarks about Muslims “undermine religious freedom”: Bishop Forsyth

November 21, 2002 : The Anglican Church in Sydney has distanced itself from remarks made by Christian Democrat leader, the Rev Fred Nile, that the Muslim hajib should be banned in public places.
- Anglicans say Nile is on his own : The Age
- Church distances itself from MP : The Australian