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Weather forecast ominous as bushfires rage on

December 8, 2002 : Firefighters in New South Wales are working through the night to strengthen containment lines and carry out backburning, in preparation for worsening weather conditions.... Meanwhile, the Anglican Church has launched an appeal for victims of the bushfires. Archbishop of Sydney Dr Peter Jensen says immediate grants can be distributed to victims who speak to their local minister.

The Coming Underground Church in Europe

December 8, 2002 : Many Christians have heard of the "underground church" in China, where believers are forced to meet in secret and often endure persecution. But could the same thing eventually happen in Western Europe as well? Even in Switzerland, known as the country of peace and neutrality, some Christian leaders believe recent laws and the pervasive anti-Christian sentiment in Europe, point in that direction.

Is the influence of Christianity waning? Survey says so

December 8, 2002 : When a generation of young people began wearing the four-lettered WWJD bracelets - it publicly signified the influence of Christianity in their lives. That type of dedication to the faith could be waning during the next decade, say a group of pastors surveyed about the religion's future in America.

2,000 seek bushfire help

December 7, 2002 : More than 2,000 bushfire victims were seeking help today as 80 fires continued to threaten homes and property across NSW. ... Applications could be made to DoCS for money to repair homes, replace clothes, beds, bedding, and damaged floor coverings as well as essential household items, appliances and whitegoods, Mr Olney said. Meanwhile, local Anglican parish ministers had been given funds to help victims in their areas, Sydney's Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen said today.

Anglicans launch bushfire appeal

December 7, 2002 : THE Anglican church has launched an urgent appeal to provide assistance for victims of the NSW bushfire crisis. More than 80 fires are burning across the state, with scores of houses threatened as fires ring the city's outer suburbs. Sydney's Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, said money collected would be distributed through local Anglican churches in Sydney, Wollongong and the Shoalhaven.

India’s row over conversions

December 7, 2002 : Christians in India's state of Tamil Nadu are angrily protesting against a controversial new law banning so-called forced religious conversions.

Chinese Church Leader On Hunger Strike in Jail

December 7, 2002 : The leader of an underground Chinese church, sentenced to life in prison during a closely watched trial, has gone on a hunger strike to protest his jailers' refusal to allow him to write letters and file an appeal, a religious activist has said.

Beauty Pageants Can Be Murder

December 7, 2002 : Inasmuch as liberals are demanding that Americans ritualistically proclaim, "Islam is a religion of peace," Muslims might do their part by not killing people all the time. Recently, the Religion of Peace suffered a p.r. setback when Muslims in Nigeria welcomed the Miss World beauty pageant by slaughtering Christians in the street and burning churches to the ground. At last count, more than 200 people were dead, hundreds more were injured and thousands were left without homes. Also, the Nigerian contestant’s chances of winning "Miss Congeniality" were dashed.

Police Arrest Indian Christians Over Dalit Conversion

December 7, 2002 : Overcoming police blockades, legal threats, and lashing rain, hundreds of low-caste Hindus (Dalits) converted to Christianity and Buddhism today in the Indian city of Chennai. Police arrested 10 Christian activists and threatened the Dalit pastor who rented his premises for the meeting. Authorities also blocked Dalit Hindus from hundreds of villages in Tamil Nadu state from reaching the venue. Organizers said police blocked or misdirected around 24 trucks, four buses, and seven vans carrying Dalits. In addition, four persons were missing in the melee.

India conversion goes ahead

December 7, 2002 : Organisers of a mass religious conversion ceremony in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu say about 500 new converts have now gathered there and declared themselves new Christians or new Buddhists.

Archbishop launches urgent appeal for immediate bushfire relief

December 6, 2002 : The Most Rev Dr Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney, has today launched an urgent bushfire appeal with funds being made available for immediate distribution to the victims of the fires currently engulfing Sydney and the South Coast.

Anglican Primate and Catholic Archbishop meet to discuss unity

December 6, 2002 : Good progress was being made in fostering unity between the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, two Australian Archbishops said today.

December issue of Cross online

December 6, 2002 : Includes news, opinion and features from the Diocese of Sydney. Please note the print edition of Cross has been held up due to the bush fires affecting the electricity supply to our printers.

New web site for the Archbishop of Canterbury

December 6, 2002 : Follow the link to view the new website created for Archbishop Rowan Williams.

‘Jesus box’ museum goes PC by dumping B.C.

December 6, 2002 : The Canadian museum currently displaying an ancient box purported to be the ossuary of Jesus' brother James is no longer using the Christian designations of B.C. and A.D. to mark the calendar, opting instead for more "modern and palatable" terms.

Speak for England : An article from “The Spectator”

December 6, 2002 : "It should be said that many parts of the Church are in a much more thriving condition than one would imagine from reports in the press. An immense amount of unglamorous, thus unreported, voluntary work takes place each week under Church auspices the length and breadth of the land."

Anglicans to apologise for sexual abuses

December 6, 2002 : The Anglican Church in Melbourne has moved to apologise to victims and the wider community for sexual abuse within the church, after an internal review condemned the way it deals with complaints. The review, Power and Trust in the Church was commissioned by the Archbishop of Melbourne, Peter Watson. It acknowledges more than 153 complaints of inappropriate sexual behaviour by 111 clergy, employees and volunteers in the past decade.

The New Convergence

December 6, 2002 : After centuries of battle, scientists and theologians are finally forging a grand unified theory. Think Eternity = mc²

SOS for generator as three fire fronts

December 6, 2002 : Staff of Vision Valley at Arcadia in Sydney's north have issued an SOS for emergency generators as fire fronts encircle the conference centre from three directions. All communications to the Wesley Mission Centre have been cut and electricity supplies were lost at 3 pm yesterday. The loss of food and other perishables has been estimated in the thousands of dollars.

Anglicans to implement new protocol to deal with sex cases

December 6, 2002 : The Anglican Church in Melbourne has recommended a new protocol for dealing with sexual abuse claims. An internal review has found the current approach impractical.