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Critics fear law for gays will muzzle preachers

December 5, 2002 : Pennsylvania Gov. Mark Schweiker yesterday signed legislation that gives homosexuals statewide legal protection from verbal harassment and hate crimes — a move that critics argue targets church leaders who preach against the homosexual lifestyle.

Bishop: Church must rethink evangelism

December 5, 2002 : A new understanding of evangelism, which takes into account the needs of modern culture was advocated by the Bishop of Blackburn before an audience of church leaders last Friday. ‘I feel something new is happening, a fundamental change as to how we are Church is in the air,’ the Rt Rev Alan Chesters said. ‘Evangelism in the 21st century has to recognise the culture in which it operates.’

Zambia prays for rain as Victoria falls run dry

December 5, 2002 : The people of Zambia are praying desperately for rain as the skies fail to produce the desperately needed natural resource. Even the vast and normally fast flowing Victoria Falls in the South of the country are drying up.

Stem cell vote passed

December 5, 2002 : Senators voted 45 to 26 in favour of the Government's embryo research bill, paving the way for scientists to begin such work next year. But as parliament took the historic step, opponents of the new laws were deeply upset. National Party Senate leader Ron Boswell had tears in his eyes as he conceded defeat. "I have never been so disappointed as I am today," the affable Queenslander said.

Poorer outcomes for fatherless kids

December 5, 2002 : The destructive features of single parenthood are beyond challenge, writes Bettina Arndt (SMH).

Senate clears way for research use of human embryos

December 5, 2002 : After a conscience vote debate lasting 46 hours, the Senate voted 45 to 26 to allow the landmark law which would open the way for the use of embryonic stem cells in developing potential treatments for a range of lethal diseases, including diabetes and motor neurone disease.

Australia must not allow embryos to be stockpiled, says Anglican Archbishop, Dr Peter Jensen

December 5, 2002 : Sydney’s Anglican Archbishop, Dr Peter Jensen is calling on Assisted Reproductive Technology centres around Australia to develop technology to freeze sperm and eggs separately. This, he says, would avoid the stockpiling of human embryos, which has led to the Senate’s controversial decision to allow experimentation on surplus IVF embryos.

Senate passes stem cell bill

December 5, 2002 : The Senate has passed a bill allowing medical researchers to use human embryos left over from IVF treatments.

Stem cell bill passed by Senate

December 5, 2002 : Senators today voted nearly two to one to allow scientific research on surplus IVF embryos after weeks of gruelling debate on the controversial issue. Senators voted 45 to 26 to support an amended version of the bill.

Senate debate on embryos to close

December 5, 2002 : Impatience finally triumphed over conscience in the Senate yesterday when the Federal Government obliged its members to vote en bloc to enforce urgency in the protracted debate on the controversial human embryo research legislation. Having previously championed the privilege of a conscience vote extended to Coalition senators, the Government yesterday prevailed on its members and the Democrats to close the debate by 12.45pm today.

Christianity More Democratic – Straight To The Point

December 5, 2002 : Over the years, I have noticed a marked similarity between Christianity and democracy. They both advocate a degree of freedom which is not reciprocated by their competitors. In a Christian country, other religions are usually free to carry on their worship.

Bono issues blunt message for Christians

December 5, 2002 : Christ's example is being demeaned by the church if they ignore the new leprosy, which is AIDS. The church is the sleeping giant here. If it wakes up to what's really going on in the rest of the world, it has a real role to play. If it doesn't, it will be irrelevant." When the 42-year-old lead singer of the Irish band U2 talks about "the church," he's counting himself among its members.

Israel a cauldron of conflict

December 5, 2002 : Several followers of major religions hold views of the end times in which the current state of Israel plays a key role.

Archbishop Carnley welcomes change in policy on asylum seekers

December 4, 2002 : The head of the Anglican Church In Australia, The Most Reverend Dr Peter Carnley AO, has welcomed the Federal Government’s change of policy on the detention of asylum seekers.

News Presenter Praises Christmas: “Christ, the Savior, has Come” a Message for Everyone

December 4, 2002 : Berlin, December 3 (idea) - Peter Hahne, one of the Germany's best-known television journalists, has encouraged his audience to concentrate on the biblical Christmas message. "The light of the Holy Night outshines everything else - there is no greater story than the story of Bethlehem."

Hate is hate is hate

December 4, 2002 : Last week in Nigeria, for instance, Muslims destroyed churches and beat and murdered Christians. Yet in many of the press accounts, there was no mention of who started the violence (Muslims), and who the victims were (Christians). A Washington Times report on the inequality of reporting regarding Christian victims of crime and violence.

Honorary druid takes over Anglican church - Reuters

December 4, 2002 : Rowan Williams, controversial defender of gays and promoter of women bishops, has officially become the new archbishop of Canterbury. He is now the spiritual leader of the world's 70 million Anglicans.

Character is wholly writ in his own hand: SMH (Spike)

December 4, 2002 : After London's The Times had a handwriting expert analyse the new Archbishop of Canterbury's signature we decided it was such a good idea, we'd steal it. Yesterday Spike enlisted the services of Mike Posford of Mid Coast Graphology to have a look at the monikers of Australia's big three men of the cloth. After many minutes of consideration, Posford managed to come up with an analysis of the signatures of Governor-General Peter Hollingworth, Catholic Archbishop of Sydney George Pell and Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen.

Prime Minister should withdraw comments - Bishop of Grafton

December 4, 2002 : "The Prime Minister should immediately rescind his ill-conceived and dangerous comments which seek to legitimate attacks on other nations. For a conservative politician who has spent half his life refusing to make hypothetical statements, it is astonishing that he should have allowed himself to make these statements.

Anglicans risk split on homosexuality

December 4, 2002 : The Anglican Church of Australia, and the worldwide Anglican Communion, show signs of being in free-fall on the subject of homosexuality. With the appointment of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury, the question has been brought to a head yet again, with some conservative Evangelicals even demanding the new Archbishop stand down even before he is enthroned in February. (An editorial in The Australian - scroll down)