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Let’s respect religious difference

November 22, 2002 : The editorial page of The Australian includes an editorial referring to the Reverend Fred Nile's comments about the wearing of Muslim religious dress. Bishop Robert Forsyth is quoted. Read the editorial here (scroll down).

C of E’s parish system “on brink of collapse”

November 22, 2002 : The Church of England's parish system is on the brink of collapse due to a shortage of vicars, one of the country's highest ranking churchmen has warned. Read more...
- Decline and fall of the parish priest prompts warning from archbishop : The Guardian

Anglican Church in Canada ready to split

November 22, 2002 : Abbotsford is the battleground for an international event that may forever change the Anglican church and may be one of the biggest events since the 16th century.

American missionary shot dead in Lebanon

November 22, 2002 : A suspected Islamist gunman shot dead an American woman missionary with three bullets to the head at a charity clinic in Lebanon on Thursday, security officials and aid workers have said.

More on what would Jesus drive

November 22, 2002 : - Jesus seconded to car campaign : BBC News
- God drives in mysterious ways : The Guardian
- A heavenly set of wheels : The Carlisle Sentinel

Fred Nile’s remarks about Muslims “undermine religious freedom”: Bishop Forsyth

November 21, 2002 : The Anglican Church in Sydney has distanced itself from remarks made by Christian Democrat leader, the Rev Fred Nile, that the Muslim hajib should be banned in public places.
- Anglicans say Nile is on his own : The Age
- Church distances itself from MP : The Australian

Swindle Taints Nigerian Church

November 20, 2002 : The growing fraud problem in Nigeria threatens to undermine churches' growth and credibility, according to Suleiman Jakonda, executive director of rurcon, a pan-African Christian development ministry.

Anglican Church offers $25M on residential schools

November 20, 2002 : The federal government and the Anglican Church of Canada have reached a deal that, if ratified, would see the church pay up to $25 million to those abused in its native residential schools.

Ten years down the track to a better place for Anglican women

November 20, 2002 : Melbourne journalist and General Synod representative, Muriel Porter responds to Narelle Jarrett's opinion piece from yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald.

Cambodian teachers want God erased

November 20, 2002 : Amid reports of religious tensions between the Buddhist majority and Christian evangelists, teachers in Cambodia have called for the word God to be removed from school textbooks.
- Cambodia teachers want 'God' taken out of textbooks

U.N. Treaty on Human Cloning Stalled

November 20, 2002 : American and Vatican differences with France and Germany have delayed work on drafting a U.N. treaty against human cloning for at least a year.

culture@home review: Pearl Jam - “Riot Act”

November 20, 2002 : Pearl Jam are no longer the long-haired, angst-ridden young men who helped pioneer grunge in the early 90s. They are now 30-somethings with glasses and conservative haircuts, but they have attained a longevity few would have predicted ten years ago. Along the way they have continued to break new ground and maintain a freshness and an energy to their music. Read more

Anglican women follow greater power

November 19, 2002 : "Many of Sydney's opinion leaders, and indeed those writing in the pages of this newspaper, have been bemused by the vision for women's ministry that holds sway in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Far from being a patriarchal vision, the Bible presents a radical view of gender relations - and therefore female ministry in the church - that challenges the vacuous political correctness prevailing today" writes Narelle Jarrett's for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Harry Potter as Evangelistic Tool?

November 19, 2002 : Christianity Today has an interview with Connie Neal, the author of What's a Christian to do With Harry Potter? and The Gospel According to Harry Potter.

U.S. Judges clash over Bible

November 19, 2002 : A federal judge ruled that a Ten Commandments monument installed in Alabama's judicial building by the state's chief justice must be removed because it violates the separation of church and state.
- Alabama Judge Ordered to Remove Ten Commandments
- Judge to Fight Commandments Ruling

Archbishop defends job for wife

November 19, 2002 : "The decision of Sydney's Anglican Archbishop, Dr Peter Jensen, to appoint his wife to a key women's ministry was today branded naive by a church group."

Girl killed by Christmas gift bomb

November 19, 2002 : The young daughter of a Christian pastor in the Philippines was killed and two others were wounded when she opened a Christmas present containing a bomb.

Scholars seek Jesus through his brother

November 19, 2002 : "The Rev. Bruce Chilton has said for years that texts named James as Jesus' brother, but maybe people would believe if it were written in stone. Now it is."

Accentuate the Positive

November 19, 2002 : The gulf between the negative avoidance of evil and the positive pursuit of good is immense. It is a foundation stone of the Christian understanding of morality, and it is nowhere better illustrated than in Jesus's story of the traveller mugged on the desert road between Jerusalem and Jericho, usually known as the story of the Good Samaritan.

“I’m no nepotist,” says Sydney Archbishop

November 19, 2002 : "Sydney's Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, was initially reluctant to appoint his wife to the new women's ministry, according to the ministry's new team leader, Archdeacon Narelle Jarrett." Read the story from the Sydney Morning Herald here.