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‘Right to life’ campaigners deny prayers outside abortion clinic were in protest, court hears

November 10, 2017 ABC News: The trial of three men who allegedly protested outside Canberra's abortion clinic has heard they were praying, holding rosary beads and walking in an exclusion zone when arrested.

Tensions increase over rival same-sex marriage bill

November 10, 2017 The Australian: A parliamentary showdown is looming over same-sex marriage, with supporters of change ­demanding conservative MPs ­immediately release a rival bill aimed at protecting religious freedoms if a Yes vote is returned.

Is Britain becoming a Christianophobic country?

November 9, 2017 The Spectator: Kicked ‘like a football’ were the words used by a Pakistani Christian to describe a brutal assault that left him unconscious outside a restaurant in Derby last month.

News that sent Pastor David’s world crashing

November 9, 2017 Canberra CityNews: ABOUT six years ago Turner’s David McDonald was drawing up a will and power of attorney in hospital after he was told he only had one year to live.

Atheist Convention cancelled due to lack of interest

November 9, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: To be honest, I'm disappointed. "Reason to Hope", the third Global Atheist Convention scheduled for Melbourne in February 2018, has been cancelled because of "lack of interest" (according to my sources).

‘It’s Our Right’: Christian Congregation In Indonesia Fights To Worship In Its Church

November 9, 2017 CHOOSE: The city of Bogor, on the outskirts of greater Jakarta, is a conservative Muslim area with a strong Christian minority. To open a church here, Christian groups must meet a lot of requirements, including getting permission from Muslim authorities.

Victoria parents outraged at ‘X-rated’ sex ed lessons

November 8, 2017 CHOOSE: Parents are outraged after learning students in grade 2 are shown pictures of genitals, grade 3 the clitoris, and grade 4 being taught about gay couples in school.

School chaplains still contentious more than a decade after program rollout

November 8, 2017 ABC News: Eleven years ago, Rob Hodgson said a prayer for New South Wales schools.

Presbyterians may ask couples to legally wed outside church

November 8, 2017 Daily Telegraph: The Presbyterian Church of Australia is considering whether to decline recognition under the Marriage Act if changes are made to allow same-sex couples to marry — leaving couples to have their wedding legally solemnised outside the church.

Eritrean Christians told to remove crosses as schools forced to go public

November 8, 2017 World Watch Monitor: Eritrea’s security forces shot at protesters, using live ammunition, in the capital Asmara on Tuesday (31 October) during a protest against the government’s plans to turn all schools public. This would mean forbidding students from wearing religious items such as Christian crosses or Muslim headscarves.

Researchers: Faith Helps Mass Shooting Survivors

November 7, 2017 Christianity Today: Psychologists find support from community and trust in God make a measurable impact.

Coptic Christians attacked in Egypt - four churches forced to shut

November 7, 2017 Daily Express: Four churches have been forced to shut after Christian worshipers were pelted with rocks in a shocking series of attacks.

Texas church shooting: First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, attacked by gunman

November 6, 2017 A GUNMAN in full combat gear has killed and wounded dozens of people during a shooting spree at a small Texas church.

UK student expelled for belief that homosexuality is a sin

November 6, 2017 Washington Examiner: A U.K. court has ruled that the University of Sheffield’s decision to expel a Christian student over his comments on homosexuality is legal.

Christian thrown out of university over anti-gay remarks loses appeal

November 6, 2017 The Guardian: A devout Christian who was thrown off a university social work course after branding homosexuality a sin on Facebook has lost a high court battle.

Gunman opens fire at Texas church; multiple people killed

November 6, 2017 Religion News Service: Several people were shot Sunday when a gunman opened fire at a rural church outside San Antonio.

Kidnapped 9 months ago in broad daylight, where is Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh?

November 6, 2017 World Watch Monitor: Raymond Koh turns 63 today, but almost nine months after his abduction there is still no news of the Malaysian pastor.

University of Sydney staff call on management to publicly support same-sex marriage

November 3, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: The University of Sydney has rejected calls from its staff to make a public statement in support of marriage equality.

Only one certainty if we make assisted suicide legal

November 3, 2017 The Age: A familiar footnote – or something similar – appears at the bottom of countless news reports on "voluntary assisted dying" (the latest euphemism for euthanasia and assisted suicide): "If you are troubled by this report, experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide, you can call Lifeline."

Melbourne high school teacher says she would refuse to teach ‘lewd’ safe schools program

November 3, 2017 Herald Sun: A MELBOURNE high school teacher says she would refuse to teach “lewd” material in the Victorian government’s mandatory respectful relationships program to be introduced in all state schools next year.