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LGBT lessons protests spreading

May 20, 2019 BBC News: Schools across England have received letters opposing the teaching of relationships and sex education (RSE) and LGBT equality, the BBC has learned. Protests…

Christian leaders say religious freedom was among factors that influenced voters

May 20, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald: Christian leaders believe religious freedom was among "sleeper" issues that influenced votes for the Coalition in marginal seats across the country. Mark…

Mike Pence warns Christian students to prepare to be ‘shunned’ for their beliefs

May 17, 2019 The Independent: Mike Pence has warned Christian graduates of an evangelical university that they should prepare to face ridicule for their beliefs. The deeply religious vice…

Welcome to Church. Want to Take a Selfie?

May 17, 2019 Christianity Today: More Americans went to church yesterday, Mother’s Day, than any other day in the past year besides Christmas and Easter. And thanks to church photo booths,…

Gay Teens and the ‘Suicide’ Meme

May 17, 2019 Quadrant Online: Some voices in the leftist media — The Guardian , for instance — are claiming the primary reason Israel Folau needs to silenced and sacked by Rugby Australia is…

U.S. anti-abortion groups plot course from state capitals to Supreme Court

May 17, 2019 Reuters: Anti-abortion advocacy groups have pushed hard in recent months for the passage of bills to restrict or even ban the procedure outright at the state…

Israel Folau changes Instagram post to religious photo ahead of decision deciding fate of career

May 16, 2019 Daily Mail: Embattled rugby union player Israel Folau appears to have taken one last social media swipe at his bosses as he waits to learn the future of his career.

Christian schools urge parents to vote for religious freedom on Saturday

May 15, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald: Parents with children at Christian schools are being urged to consider the protection of religious rights when they cast their vote on Saturday in the federal election described as "the most critical for religious freedom in living memory".

Rugby a broad church but Christians in the scrum better keep schtum

May 15, 2019 The Australian: If you’re a Christian rugby player, you’d better shut up about it. That’s the message from Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle and the Wallabies coach and captain who ditched Israel Folau as if they never knew the bloke.

Shorten ignites unholy war by targeting Morrison’s religion

May 15, 2019 The Australian: Scott Morrison has accused Bill Shorten of a “grubby” and “desperate” bid to alter the election agenda and distract voters from his high-taxing policies by politicising the Prime Minister’s faith in the final days of the campaign.

Federal Election 2019: Bill Shorten criticises Scott Morrison over not rejecting idea that gays go to hell

May 14, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald: Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has criticised Prime Minister Scott Morrison for not rejecting the idea that gay people will go to hell, in another election dispute over questions of Christian faith and gay rights.

What I wish I could have said as a Christian to Folau before he took to Instagram

May 14, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald: I’d love to have a beer with Israel Folau. Or at least I wish I could have done that before he started posting on Instagram what he believes is central to the message of Christianity.

‘I support the law of the country’: Debate over sexuality and religion creeps into election campaign

May 14, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald: Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his “faith is not about politics” as debate over freedom of religious expression and the targeting of gay Australians creeps into the final week of the election campaign.

Better the devil they know: how Christians came to terms with Trump

May 14, 2019 The Guardian: Evangelical backing for a thrice-married celebrity is not as odd as it seems: on abortion, the supreme court and more, the president keeps delivering.

Majority backs faith-based rights, poll shows

May 13, 2019 The Australian: Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten are being urged to heed polling that shows 70 per cent of Aust­ralians support the ability of faith-based educators to recruit staff willing to uphold the religious ethos of a school.

Burkina Faso church attack: Priest among six killed

May 13, 2019 BBC News: Gunmen have killed six people including a priest as Mass was being celebrated in a church in Dablo in northern Burkina Faso, officials say.

Israel Folau’s case prompts religious leaders to write to Morrison, Shorten

May 12, 2019 ABC News: What I've said to churches is a Shorten Labor Government will maintain religious education and freedom of religion and we believe in freedom of speech, but we…

Christian leaders challenge major parties on commitment to religious freedom

May 12, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald: On Tuesday, Folau was found to have committed a high-level breach of Rugby Australia’s professional players’ code of conduct for his social media post last…

Something amiss in live-and-let-live Australia

May 12, 2019 Australian Financial Review: When stating a religious conviction is branded as offensive hate speech and…

Super Rugby players huddle for prayer on pitch to show solidarity with Israel Folau

May 12, 2019 NZ Herald: Australian Super Rugby players from the Melbourne Rebels and the Queensland Reds huddled for a post-match prayer on Friday amid reports of anger among the…