Prayer focus for mission

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A synod resolution calling for a Day of Prayer across the diocese will be an opportunity for seeking God’s strength in mission.

Kristen Young, a representative for the parish of Lithgow and the mover of the motion at Synod, says she wanted to highlight the importance of prayer amid a busy and mission-focused period in the life of the Diocese.

“There are a lot of very exciting and worthwhile opportunities for mission,” she says. “Given all these things we’re looking to do and the limited human resources we have to do them, we thought prayer was a good thing we should have at the heart of all that. If you look at the enormous task of evangelism in Sydney, humanly speaking it’s overwhelming. It’s important that we bring it before the Lord and rely on his wisdom and strength.”

A date has yet to be set, but Mrs Young hopes that when the prayer day is held, it will be made as easy as possible for people in all Sydney Anglican churches to join together. Prayer days were a big feature of Connect09, but the intent with this event is for Anglicans to pray from wherever they are within the Diocese.

“My hope is that when the date is set, we’ll have points of prayer that can be used in a range of different ways, in services or in small groups, or even just individuals taking time to pray together when they see each other during the day,” she says. “The big hope is just for people to feel encouraged to pray in the knowledge that others across the Diocese are all praying for the gospel to bear fruit.”



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