PSU takes on safe ministry

Read PSU takes on safe ministry

Online courses will soon be available for Safe Ministry training in the Diocese, making training more flexible and easily accessible.

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) now has oversight of the training, which was previously administered by Youthworks. Safe Ministry training is delivered through courses such as the “Essentials” for first-time participants and a “Refresher” every three years.

From late 2017 course components will be available online, allowing participants to complete training on computer, smartphone or tablet.

“There will still be an element of human contact,” says PSU director Lachlan Bryant, “but online training also allows a level of convenience and flexibility we haven’t had before.”

The new elements will streamline the administration of courses, as well as allowing for self-paced learning.

“We greatly value and appreciate our volunteers and leaders who work with children, and our aim is to make training as thorough as possible, but also more efficient,” Mr Bryant says. “We’ve been very well served by local Safe Ministry trainers and their hard work over many years. Face-to-face training will still be available for 2017 but details of how the online system will mesh with the existing training are still being worked out.”

The Refresher course is expected online first, with Essentials to follow early next year. There will also be an email alert facility available for those who need to undertake a Refresher course.

A series of regional meetings have been held in April and May to explain the changes.

A new website has been set up with information about the online modules and how the system will be delivered. See



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