Revamp to welcome visitors

Read Revamp to welcome visitors is undergoing a makeover, which will include a new visitors page to introduce web searchers to the network of Sydney Anglican churches.

Links will include the companion website, and the find-a-church database, which allows a suburb or postcode search for Sydney Anglican and affiliated churches.

There are also testimonies from a range of Anglican christians, which had previously been featured in Southern Cross articles.

Visitors can also access the audio version of The Essential Jesus.

Instead of being taken directly to the news page, visitors will be taken immediately to the visitors page and there will be a large button, allowing the user to customise their browser to the 'visitor' or 'news' page.

Regular users of should only see the message on the first visit after the site goes live. They should click 'take me to the news page' and then the browser will be set to go straight to the main page, without the visitor overlay, from that point on.

The Chairman of Anglican Media, Bishop Robert Forsyth, said the revamp was significant.

"We are aware that, for many people, this is the front door of the diocese to the world. So we are very keen for visitors to be introduced to our people, and linked up with a church as quickly and easily as possible. In these first steps, an electronic presence can be as important as a physical one."



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