Tasker back in Georges River

Russell Powell
Read Tasker back in Georges River

The Archbishop has announced temporary oversight arrangements for the Georges River region following the upcoming retirement of Archdeacon Ian Cox.

The area, running from Marrickville to Liverpool, is Sydney’s most ethnically diverse region.

Archdeacon Cox was appointed five years ago and worked with the region’s former bishop, Peter Tasker, until Bishop Tasker’s retirement in 2009.

Archdeacon Cox’s initial term was until the end of 2011, but this was extended until June this year.

Archbishop Jensen says because of the financial challenges facing the Endowment of the See – which pays for the Archbishop and bishops’ offices – it is not possible to immediately appoint either another bishop or archdeacon.

“The issue is wider than just the appointments,” he says. “serious thought needs to be given to a restructure and my successor must have freedom to make his own decisions on this important, but difficult, region of ministry.”

Bishop Tasker, who has taken on the role of bishop for international Affairs since his retirement, has agreed to provide temporary episcopal oversight for the Georges River region until permanent arrangements can be made.

Archdeacon Cox says other regions may be in a good position to help. “This is a mission area of the Diocese and we need to see people moving from some of the more established areas of our Diocese to come across and help people in the Georges river region, where the congregations are older and smaller and face massive challenges.”