The light of Jesus overcomes darkness

Russell Powell

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The ‘dark acts’ in Paris, Beirut and San Bernardino overshadowed the world in 2015, according to the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, in his Christmas message.

Dr Davies contrasted the ISIS-inspired shootings with the light of Jesus, whose birth Christians celebrate at Christmas.

“This year, the world we live in has been overshadowed by darkness. We are appalled at the dark acts committed in Paris, Beirut, San Bernardino and elsewhere.” Dr Davies said. “We long for light to dispel the darkness. Yet that is exactly the message of Christmas, when God’s light shone into the world and the darkness did not overcome it.”


The Sydney Archbishop led a special prayer service at St Andrew’s Cathedral within 48 hours of the attack, attended by the Premier, the Governor and the French ambassador. 

“Though we see these dark acts and cry out to God, remember this - he has answered with the words of Jesus – ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life’.” Dr Davies said.

Services at St Andrew's Cathedral have been well attended, with a packed Christmas eve 7pm service where there was not even standing room, such were the crowds.



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