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If Bishop Curry’s sermon shocked that is no bad thing

May 21, 2018 Sydney Morning Herald: Who would have thought that, of all the many features of the royal wedding, the sermon would have been one of the most talked about? And yet Bishop Michael Curry certainly cut through the pomp and ceremony, to the stunned reaction of some of the congregation.

Turnbull commits to religious freedom after Ruddock report delivered

May 21, 2018 The Australian: Malcolm Turnbull said he was “absolutely committed to ensuring freedom of religion is protected in Australia” after former Howard government minister Philip Ruddock delivered his ­review of ­religious freedoms.

Church of Ireland stance on same-sex marriage ‘unchanged’

May 17, 2018 Belfast Telegraph: Church of Ireland Bishops have said there is "little appetite" across the entire island to redefine marriage.

Judge tosses California’s assisted-suicide law

May 17, 2018 NBC: A state judge overturned California’s doctor-assisted suicide law on Tuesday, saying the legislation opening the door to life-ending drugs for the terminally ill was unconstitutional because it was introduced in the wrong forum.

California judge overturns End of Life Option Law

May 17, 2018 CNN: A California superior court judge on Tuesday overturned a 2016 state law that allows doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill adult patients.

Board votes to shut down Canadian Christian school for teaching Bible verses about sexuality

May 16, 2018 National Post: An Alberta Christian school that clashed with its school division over teaching certain Bible verses may be forced to shut down.

Surabaya attacks: Parents who bring their children to die

May 15, 2018 BBC News: The past days' deadly Islamist attacks in Indonesia have stood out because two families - parents and their very own children - were the attackers.

Proof of King David? Not yet. But riveting site shores up roots of Israelite era

May 15, 2018 Times of Israel: The team working at the Tel 'Eton archaeological excavation in Israel's Shphelah region. (Courtesy Avraham Faust/ Tel 'Eton Archaeological Expedition) Hyperbole…

Neighbors say family that bombed churches well off, friendly

May 15, 2018 Washington Post: A Muslim woman weeps during the wake for Sri Pudji Astutik, one of the victims of Sunday’s church attacks, at a funeral home in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia,…

Religious believers to be told they can wear crucifixes

May 15, 2018 Daily Mail: The government is set to issue new official guidance to ensure religious believers are free to wear crucifixes and other symbols of faith while at work.

Bavaria is the latest place where the church and Christian politicians are at odds

May 14, 2018 The Economist: AS ERASMUS has already noted , there are places all over Europe where right-of-centre politicians are sounding a clarion call of Christian nativism…

Why Happy Christian Moms Still Feel Guilty

May 14, 2018 Christianity Today: Based on the numbers, evangelical moms should be the happiest on the block.

Final donation for man whose blood helped save 2.4 million babies

May 14, 2018 Sydney Morning Herald: For every regular blood donation, three lives could be saved; an ordinary plasma donation could save 18. But James Harrison is extraordinary. His blood has…

Family carries out suicide attacks on Indonesia churches

May 14, 2018 Religion News Service: Coordinated suicide bombings carried out by members of the same family struck three churches in Indonesia’s second-largest city…

One family behind suicide bombings at three churches in Indonesia

May 14, 2018 Sydney Morning Herald: A family of six suicide bombers with links to an Islamic State-inspired group - the youngest member of which was just nine years old - exploded bombs…

Israel Folau’s Christianity is his to share

May 14, 2018 Daily Telegraph: HOW many of the haters who piled on Israel Folau again last week actually bothered to watch the video he recommended on Twitter.

Why Richard Dawkins is wrong about Christianity

May 14, 2018 OPINION: Richard Dawkins, the world's best known atheist-for-hire, is in New Zealand this week, preaching at events in Auckland and Christchurch and hoping to rally the troops and win new converts.

Chicago bishop Michael Bruce Curry to speak at royal wedding

May 13, 2018 NBC: The first African-American to have served as presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, he has backed same-sex marriage and racial reconciliation.

104-Year-Old Man Dies in Assisted Suicide

May 11, 2018 Time: A right-to-die group says 104-year-old Australian biologist David Goodall has ended his life in Switzerland.

Rugby Star Sparks Controversy after Posting Anti-gay Marriage Video

May 11, 2018 Newsweek: One of Australian rugby’s most famous stars has again sparked controversy after posting a link on social media to a video that opposes tolerance of same-sex…