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Sex is for married heterosexual couples only, says Church of England

January 24, 2020 The Guardian: Clergy ‘should not provide services of blessing for those who register a civil partnership’, say bishops.

Supreme Court’s conservatives seem open to some state aid for religious schools

January 24, 2020 Washington Post: The Supreme Court’s conservative justices appeared inclined to endorse a Montana program that provided tax incentives to those who fund scholarships for…

Church of England declares sex is only for married heterosexual couples

January 24, 2020 London Evening Standard: The Church of England has declared that sex is for married heterosexuals only, and everyone…

Sex is for straight married couples only says Church of England

January 24, 2020 Daily Mail: Sex is for straight married couples only says Church of England as it calls on in gay or straight civil partnerships to be abstinent Statement issued by the…

Sex and religious education to be made compulsory in Wales

January 22, 2020 BBC News: Parents will no longer have the right to withdraw children from lessons about relationships, sexuality and religion, the Welsh Government has confirmed.

Supreme Court takes up church-state separation in Christian schools case

January 22, 2020 NBC: Montana told the Supreme Court that "barring aid to religious institutions promotes religious freedom by preventing the government from using its leverage to dictate religious policy.

Qld donation law ‘to silence charities’

January 21, 2020 Yahoo: The Queensland government is facing calls to amend its plans to further limit political donations by civil society groups who say they'd be silenced. Legal…

Violent Islamist militancy spreads into weak states across sub-Saharan Africa

January 21, 2020 World Watch Monitor: The newly-released annual World Watch List (WWL) of…

LGBT+ group wants Franklin Graham’s Sheffield visit canceled

January 21, 2020 BBC News: LGBT+ leaders have called for a visit to Sheffield by an American evangelist to be cancelled claiming he promotes homophobic views. Franklin Graham is due to…

Midwifery student banned from work placement over pro-life views demands apology from university

January 20, 2020 UK Telegraph:

The Methodists, the mediator and the divorce plan

January 20, 2020 Pittsburgh Post: It was a divorce mediation unlike any other, with a small group of diverse leaders shuttling back and forth to Washington, D.C., from the far corners of the country and the world, trying as best they could to cushion the breakup of a dysfunctional family of 13 million.

El Salvador’s Top Anglican Bishop Urges U.S. to Not Deport Son

January 20, 2020 New York Times: The top Anglican bishop of El Salvador has urged the United States not to deport his son back to the troubled Central American nation, fearing…

Belgium euthanasia: Three doctors accused in unprecedented trial

January 20, 2020 BBC News: In an unprecedented case, three Belgian doctors are going on trial in Ghent accused of unlawfully poisoning a patient whose life they helped to end. Tine Nys,…

Vegans could get the same legal protections as religious people

January 14, 2020 CNN: A vegan sacked by his employer is bringing a landmark legal case to a British court on Thursday, hoping to change the law to ensure that veganism is considered a protected "philosophical belief" similar to religion.

Anglican Diocese of Tasmania says religious schools should be allowed to hire only Christian staff | The Examiner

January 13, 2020 :

Israel Folau says Australians ‘should’ve asked Jesus for help’

January 13, 2020 Daily Mail: Israel Folau breaks down in tears as he says Australians 'should've asked Jesus for help' before bushfires ravaged the nation - after delivering THAT sermon…

Government to increase protections for persecuted Christians abroad, following Bishop’s review

January 13, 2020 UK Telegraph: Persecuted Christians abroad will have their protection bolstered by the British government, following a landmark pledge to adopt a new definition of…

Brazilian judge orders Netflix to remove ‘gay Jesus’ comedy

January 13, 2020 The Guardian: The First Temptation of Christ depicts Jesus returning home on his 30th birthday and implies he is gay.Photograph: Netflix Brazil/AFP via Getty Images A…

Methodist Church may split into more than one denomination over LGBTQ issues

January 6, 2020 CNN: An entire denomination may split up over LGBTQ issues United Methodist…

Fresh scrutiny for evangelical Christian GP Richard Scott

January 6, 2020 The Guardian: Kent GP Dr Richard Scott has said that he will continue to initiate conversations with patients about faith.