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Episcopalians may turn to Anglicans - The Sun News

January 19, 2003 : The Anglican Mission in America expects a wave of defectors if the Episcopal Church finalizes its blessing of same-sex unions this summer.
As the Episcopal Church makes decisions "that seem contrary to the teaching of Scripture, there is, inevitably, a renewed interest in exploring alternatives, and one of the alternatives is certainly the Anglican Mission in America," the Rt. Rev. Charles H. Murphy III said at a news conference during the group's annual conference at All Saints Episcopal Church.

Segregation in the Church : MLK’s elusive dream of a ‘beloved community’ - Atlanta Journal-Constitut

January 19, 2003 : The Rev Martin Luther King Jr. once wrote that "it is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o'clock on Sunday morning." Forty-five years later, his statement still rings true.

ACT fires ‘worst ever’: Bishop Browning - AAP

January 19, 2003 : This weekend's bushfires in Canberra were the worst crisis ever to hit the national capital, Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn George Browning said today.

Gene test to help you beat death sparks row on ethics

January 19, 2003 : Do you want to know how you will die and when? Or would you rather live without that knowledge? Such a dilemma might only be expected to face characters in a science fiction novel or film. Until now.

Ethiopian police ‘tortured Christians’ - BBC News

January 19, 2003 : Ethiopia's federal police have been accused of illegally detaining hundreds of people following a religious demonstration three weeks ago. The accusation is contained within a human rights report just released.

The power of forgiveness - The Guardian

January 19, 2003 : A policeman murdered. A family grieving. And then the shock of the remarkable as his father spoke. A former policeman, an ex-chief constable, he said as his son's body lay barely cold, stabbed by someone described unforgivingly in the media as 'a fugitive asylum seeker': 'I am praying hard for the fellow who stabbed Steve. I am trying hard to forgive him as I am sure Steve would... I don't want any recriminations against him at all.'

Attack on US evangelist denounced by Indian Christian groups - ENI

January 19, 2003 : The Indian news media has joined Christian groups in condemning an attack on a US evangelist in the state of Kerala, calling it part of a "campaign" by Hindu fundamentalists to widen their base of support.

Archbishop Jensen’s speaking engagements today - January 20

January 19, 2003 : The Archbishop will address a conference of over 400 people from 10.00am to 4.00pm at St Helen's Bishopsgate in London today.
His topic, covered in three addresses is "Anglicanism - past present and future - what is the future for the Church of England?" At the conclusion there are expected to be media interviews.
At 6.30pm he will give another talk at St Helen's.
At 9.30pm he will depart by train for Bournemouth.

Why women take the long-term pew - The Age

January 19, 2003 : "Professor Rodney Stark reckons that religion is all to do with body chemistry. I am not so sure. It depends on the religion," writes Terry Lane.

Archbishop playing with brimstone - The Age

January 19, 2003 : The ultra-conservative forces within the Anglican Church or the "new right", need to tread carefully in looking to Sydney's Archbishop, Peter Jensen. There is a temptation in seeing Dr Jensen as leading orthodox Anglicans to a New Jerusalem where evangelicals reign over the "false teaching" of the church's more liberal adherents.

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s itinerary in the UK commences this Sunday

January 16, 2003 : This coming Sunday, 19 January, the first event of Archbishop Jensen's visit to England will take place. He will be interviewed by the Rev William Taylor, Vicar of St Helen's, Bishopsgate, London during the 10.15am service at St Helen's. Over the next two weeks Anglican Media will post information about the Archbishop's daily activities and meetings so that people here in Sydney may be able to support him in prayer for this ministry.

St Helen’s rector lays bold plans for church growth in England

January 16, 2003 : In an interview with The Church of England Newspaper, the Rev William Taylor, rector of St Helen's, Bishopsgate in London - one of the largest evangelical parishes in the UK - outlines his vision for gospel growth across England. The interview also includes extensive comments on Archbishop Peter Jensen's current visit to the UK.

Why Packer walked out on New Westminster

January 16, 2003 : Writing for Christianity Today, JI Packer explains why he walked out of last year's meeting of the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster following its decision to authorise a blessing for same-sex unions. Packer writes that the decision "falsifies the gospel of Christ, abandons the authority of Scripture, jeopardises the salvation of fellow human beings, and betrays the church in its God-appointed role as the bastion and bulwark of divine truth."

Concern for Child Victims in Nepal

January 16, 2003 : The BBC reports that human rights workers are concerned about the plight of child victims of the ongoing civil war.

Orthodox clergy want Harry Potter banned

January 16, 2003 : Orthodox clergy in Cyprus have called for the banning of Harry Potter films because of their effect on children.

New Bishop for Popondeta

January 16, 2003 : The Anglican Communion News Service reports that the Rev Roger Jupp is the new Bishop of Popondeta Diocese in the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea.

Bush declares Sanctity of Human Life Day

January 16, 2003 : Pledging to build a culture that respects human life, President George W. Bush is calling a 'Sanctity of Human Life Day' in the United States.
>> 70% of Americans favour protecting the unborn : The Washington Times

Mel Gibson says Jesus movie is drawing opposition

January 16, 2003 : In the middle of filming his latest movie The Passion, which documents the final hours of the life of Jesus Christ, Mel Gibson says the project has drawn opposition from some parts of the media.
>> Gibson fears unholy crusade : NY Post

International evangelist for Men’s Katoomba Convention

January 15, 2003 : International speaker Rico Tice, from All Soul's, Langham Place in London will join David Cook and Alan Stewart as the speakers at the 2003 Men's Katoomba Convention this February and March.

Bishops oppose Bush, Blair on war with Iraq

January 15, 2003 : Church leaders in Britain and the US have expressed powerful opposition to the possible war against Iraq. Presiding Bishop of ECUSA, Frank Griswold, has delivered a 'stinging rebuke' of the Bush Administration's foreign policy and wartime rhetoric, saying, "I'd like to be able to go somewhere in the world and not have to apologize for being from the United States." Meanwhile, the Church of England Bishops have issued a statement saying that without compelling evidence war on Iraq cannot be morally justified.
>> Statement from CofE House of Bishops
>> English bishops see no justification for Iraq war : AP