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Schools ‘failing to teach pupils basic message of Christianity’ (UK)

December 15, 2002 : Almost half of Britain's 12-year-olds are so ignorant of basic Christian teaching that they are unaware that Easter celebrates the Resurrection, according to a new study.

Text of the Leadership in Society Today statement from the All Souls Group

December 15, 2002 : In the current discussion and diversity of opinion on a number of questions in the Church of England we wish to underline what we hold in common and believe that the following needs to be said by the whole church:

We live in a world where change is welcomed and choice applauded. Change can be difficult, and in the process many landmarks for human behaviour that have guided communities for centuries are questioned and even removed.

In this fast-changing situation of the expansion of sexual choice, the church has tried to teach sensitively the biblical norm of lifelong heterosexual marriage and abstinence outside it, not just for its own members but out of concern for the health, moral life, well-being and character of the whole community.

20,000 Christians for International Prayer Summit

December 15, 2002 : The Prayer Conference, popularly known as Global Prayer Quake and Leadership Summit, will start from 3.00pm on Sunday 5th and last till Friday 10th January 2003 at the Alfred Diete Spiff Sports Complex, Moscow Road, in the Garden City and is expected to attract over 20,000 Christian leaders and global intercessors from 58 countries.

What would Jesus make for dinner?

December 15, 2002 : "You know, given that Jesus' accomplishments are so well-documented in the Bible, it's easy for even the most lackadaisical Christmas-and-Easter-only Christians to feel they know him well enough to speculate accurately on what he'd do in a variety of modern-day circumstances."

A reaction to the recent US "What would Jesus drive" advertising campaign.

Bishop Reg Piper’s Christmas Message - December 2002

December 15, 2002 : "Peace on earth and good will towards men", was the message of the angels then and is still the message of God today.

Go-ahead for same-sex ‘marriages’ in law

December 15, 2002 : (UK) Government plans to give same-sex partners the same benefits as married couples were criticised by Christian groups last week, who fear the move would further undermine the status of marriage.

Archbishop moves to soothe Primates

December 15, 2002 : Rowan Williams has moved to avert a widely predicted schism in the Anglican Communion by meeting leading Primates and Bishops. On the second day of his archiepiscopate Dr Williams met the Primates of Nigeria, South East Asia, Rwanda, Kenya and North India to head off growing unease with his views on homosexuality.

The forgotten practice of reading the Bible

December 15, 2002 : Poor preaching is behind a massive fall in the number of people reading the Bible, claims one of Scripture Union’s most senior figures. Figures revealed to The Church of England Newspaper this week, show that study notes have halved over the last decade, and the 20s to 40s generation is particularly remiss.

Indian police beat up converts

December 15, 2002 : Indian police have beaten up untouchables seeking to convert to Christianity in a further crackdown on conversion in India.

Evangelicals divided by new rallying cry

December 13, 2002 : The Church Times reports that a statement on sexuality, released on Tuesday by a group of evangelical organisations, threatens to divide church opinion rather than unite it. There is also a link to the full text of the Statement, which includes signatories such as the Rev Dr David Peterson, Bishop Wallace Benn, Archbishop Peter Akinola and Bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon.

Visit our discussion forums

December 13, 2002 : New discussions in our forums section include 'Where are our missing members?' and a discussion on an alternative front page design for our new site. So why not register (it's free) and get involved? We'd love to hear what you think!

The Twelve Days of Kitschmas

December 13, 2002 : Looking for the perfect seasonal gift to impress your pastor? Ship of Fools has produced this guide to the worse excesses of the festive season.

At supersonic speed Santa will burn, Vicar tells kids

December 13, 2002 : A British minister reduced children to tears and stunned their parents when he said Santa Claus and his reindeer would burn to a crisp while delivering presents at the supersonic speed needed to complete the job worldwide.

Nigerian Bishop calls on politicians to eschew corruption

December 13, 2002 : Anglican Bishop of Jos, Benjamin Kwashi, has accused Nigeria's political class as being responsible for the increasing wave of corruption, and has called them back to the biblical model of selflessness.

Churches praised for fighting for good governance in Kenya

December 13, 2002 : Narc leader Charity Kaluki Ngilu has praised the Catholic and Anglican churches for their commitment to championing democracy and good governance.

Bush opens contract to faith-based groups

December 12, 2002 : President George W. Bush has circumvented US Congress to advance key pieces of his divisive "faith-based initiative", including one that lets federal contractors hire only people of certain faiths.

“The Terror of Christmas” - A Christmas Message from the Anglican Bishop of Newcastle

December 12, 2002 : Read the media release from Bishop Roger Herft, Bishop of Newcastle.

A UK evangelical interview with Archbishop Peter Jensen

December 12, 2002 : Read the interview with Dr Peter Jensen published in the January 2003 issue of the UK evangelical newspaper Evangelicals Now. Archbishop Jensen will be travelling to England in the latter half of January to address a number of meetings on the topic "Anglicanism past, present and future - what is the future for the Church of England?".

Anglican Bishop in Nigeria blames politicians for corruption

December 12, 2002 : The Anglican Bishop of Jos in Nigeria says that corruption will not be ended until politicians pay more than just lip service to ending corruption in that country.

C of E evangelicals issue a statement calling on church leaders to adhere to biblical ethics

December 11, 2002 : A coalition of Church of England evangelicals called the All Souls Day Group issued a statement yesterday calling on all Anglican church leaders to back the 1998 Lambeth conference which condemned sexual activity outside marriage. Though it did not refer directly to Archbishop Rowan Williams it is seen as a veiled warning to the new Archbishop of Canterbury. Read reports in the British press:
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- The Times
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