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Prostitutes sue Christians over loss of earnings

November 30, 2002 : The Chilean prostitutes' association is to sue a group of missionaries who turned a brothel into a church. A US-backed evangelical group transformed the largest brothel in the city of Concepcion into a church and centre for repentant sex workers.

Hopeless in Haiti: Christians Under the Gun

November 30, 2002 : President Clinton and much of the rest of the world intervened eight years ago in Haiti to end its violent political turmoil and spiral into abject poverty. But the violence is a back in a big way, and some of it is aimed at Haiti's Christians.

Drug dealer sees the light, camera, action

November 30, 2002 : The Rev Kent Williams lost the plot in his youth, but in doing so he found a winning screenplay, Ben Hills writes. (SMH)

The politics of affluence

November 30, 2002 : We have never been richer but the self-gratifying middle classes have successfully recast themselves as battlers who must be placated, writes Clive Hamilton for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Rich cry poor, then put another prawn on the outdoor kitchen

November 30, 2002 : The little Aussie battler is nothing but a middle-class whinger, according to a new study. Australians have never been richer, it says, yet the majority of middle-income households believe they are doing it tough.

Have Christians lost their nerve? - Archbishop Jensen’s address at the Anglicare Dinner 2002

November 29, 2002 : We live in a society which appears to have lost its nerve. It no longer believes in its own identity. It refuses to acknowledge how much it owes to the Christian faith. The loss is going to be a desperate one. How else can we explain the puzzling tendency to deliberately cut Christ out of Christmas. We hear of nativity scenes being banned from shopping malls, of schools becoming hesitant about carol singing, of the growth of the ugly euphemism 'festive season' to hide the fact that it is the birth of Jesus Christ which has caused the festivity in the first place.

Take third province seriously — Williams

November 29, 2002 : The Church of England should seriously consider creating a third province to accommodate those opposed to women bishops, Dr Rowan Williams says in a Church Times interview this week. He also says that he would be bound by the Lambeth ’98 resolution, and would not, therefore, ordain anyone living in a homosexual relationship.

Legal threat to church nativity services

November 29, 2002 : Church quiz nights, musical soirees, and even nativity plays may be affected by new government legislation. The proposals, outlined in the Queen’s Speech last week, aim to introduce compulsory licensing for places of worship if they intend to put on more than five pieces of public entertainment a year.

Bishop calls for religious media

November 29, 2002 : The Bishop of Wakefield, the Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, has urged the Government to lift the "ironic" ban on religious people holding digital and national broadcasting licences, writes Michael Brown, North of England Correspondent.

Bishops condemn Kaduna rioting

November 29, 2002 : Anti-Miss World riots in Nigeria, which resulted in the deaths of over 200 people, were condemned by the Anglican Bishop of Kaduna, the Rt Rev Josiah Fearon.

Williams ‘saddened’ by protests

November 29, 2002 : Dr Rowan Williams has hit out the critics who have marred his election as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury with public protests over his liberal stance on the sexuality issue.

Rowan Williams interview, part one

November 29, 2002 : A baptism of fire. That was the unexpected experience of Rowan Williams this summer. He may or may not have been surprised at the clamour for his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury, but he was certainly surprised by the response.
Read part two of the interview here.

Archbishop calls for religious harmony

November 29, 2002 : The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Rowan Williams, is counting down the days until he takes on the biggest job in the Anglican church.

Church leader accepts gay rule

November 29, 2002 : Rowan Williams, the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury, has mollified evangelical critics by saying he would no longer knowingly ordain a gay priest.

Churches ‘can do much more’ in fight against AIDS, says UN official

November 29, 2002 : Church-run hospitals, clinics and homes have been at the forefront of caring for people with HIV/AIDS and the orphans left behind by the disease - in some countries providing 50 per cent of all health care, said Calle Almedal, the UNAIDS official in charge of liaison with international organisation in Geneva. But he believes many churches and their leaders have neglected – or even hindered - the fight against the epidemic.

Religious tensions simmer in Nigeria

November 29, 2002 : Christian leaders in Nigeria have warned that they will defend themselves if the authorities cannot protect them, following the death of more than 200 people in religious riots last week.

Nigerian Christians vow to defend themselves

November 29, 2002 : Nigerian Christians have vowed to defend themselves by any means available after sectarian riots sparked by Muslim anger over the Miss World pageant killed more than 200 people.

Bishop of Grafton announces resignation

November 28, 2002 : The Bishop of Grafton, the Rt Rev Philip Huggins has announced his resignation as Bishop of Grafton Diocese. He leaves to become vicar of St Stephen’s Richmond in the Diocese of Melbourne. The Bishop informed his clergy on Sunday, 24 November that he and his wife have decided to move to Melbourne so that they can parent their two younger sons while they complete their schooling in Victoria. After a meeting of the Grafton Bishop-in-Council this morning, 28 November, the following statement was faxed to all Grafton parishes.

Radical Catholic Education Office plan to attract more men into primary teaching

November 28, 2002 : The Catholic Education Office is asking for an exemption under anti-discrimination laws so it can attract more men into the primary school teaching ranks. It wants to offer some primary teaching scholarships to male students only for the next five years to help increase the numbers of male teachers.

The children’s crusade

November 28, 2002 : With students thrashing the Gold Coast on schoolies celebrations, locals want special arrest powers for police. The Sydney Morning Herald's Matthew Thompson meets a group with a more peaceful mission in mind.