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What is driving evangelical growth?

November 28, 2002 : Say "growing church" to the average pastor and a congregation serving cappuccino at the door and contemporary music in the sanctuary likely comes to mind. But growing churches have a lot more going on than hip music and trendy hospitality, say those who were asked about a recent report by the Glenmary Research Center showing that evangelical congregations are on the upswing in size.

‘Christians, take back Christmas’

November 27, 2002 : The Royal Canadian Mint's Christmas ad campaign does not use the word "Christmas," prompting an outcry from some church and political leaders.

Kentucky shop owner drops porn for Bibles

November 27, 2002 : A Kentucky man whose shop was once stocked with pornographic materials has burned the lot after becoming a Christian and has started selling Bibles instead.

In time of crisis, Ivorians turn their eyes toward heaven

November 27, 2002 : Church attendance is up in Ivory Coast, a nation facing civil war.

Australia split on helping healthy to die

November 27, 2002 : Australia's bitter debate on euthanasia has been reignited following the suicide of a healthy 79-year-old former academic who decided that she had enjoyed "a happy life, but enough of it".

‘First human clone’ due in January

November 27, 2002 : The controversial Italian doctor Severino Antinori has announced that the first human baby clone will be born in January 2003.

Bio-ethicist Sparks Furor by Suggesting Abortions of Disabled

November 27, 2002 : Disability advocates and pro-life groups are comparing the process of genetic selection to Nazi eugenics after a scholar from the National Institutes of Health said America would benefit from aborting the blind and disabled.

The Reality of Euthanasia

November 27, 2002 : "None of the essays in this book argues against assisted suicide and euthanasia simply because killing is wrong. Rather, each one points out how legalization of such practices would achieve a goal that is the opposite of the one its supporters claim it would. " A review of The Case Against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care

Aids epidemic ‘bringing social collapse’

November 27, 2002 : The Aids epidemic is causing the spiralling disintegration of some of the poorest countries in Africa, precipitating famine and social, political and economic collapse, says the latest official United Nations update.

Church Transformation Seminars

November 27, 2002 : A brief news item concerning the first of the two-day 'Church Transformation Seminar' at Castle Hill. These seminars are sponsored by the Georges River Regional Council's Leadership Taskforce.

Record numbers graduate at SMBC

November 27, 2002 : A total of 158 full time students attended the College this year, as well as over 300 part time students.

In Toronto, Christmas Is Out, ‘Holiday Tree’ Is In

November 27, 2002 : Christmas is becoming an endangered word in parts of Canada in a rash of politically correct behavior -- such as renaming a Christmas tree a "holiday tree" -- that even non-Christians dismiss as silly.

Experts disagree about authenticity of ossuary

November 27, 2002 : At times, it seemed more like a boxing match than a scholarly debate. The ring was the Canadian Room of Toronto's Royal York Hotel, and the unlikely pugilists were academics, arrayed on either side of a tantalizing archaeological question: Did a 2,000-year-old limestone ossuary once contain the bones of James, brother of Jesus?

HIV cases top 40 million

November 27, 2002 : More women are now infected with HIV/Aids than men and well above 40 million people are now living with the disease, latest figures reveal.

Correlation between Tolkien and Christianity

November 27, 2002 : "To most people, an elf or a wizard would be hard to associate with a lesson in Christianity. In the hands of author J.R.R. Tolkien, however, they become vehicles to bring about an understanding of Christianity in an unconventional way. That is the theory behind "Finding the Lord in the Lord of the Rings", an ongoing series of classes being offered at Murray's First Baptist Church" in Kentucky.

Militant Christianity?

November 27, 2002 : Which of the world's largest faiths, Christianity or Islam, is experiencing the greater ideological reassertion and demographic surge? asks Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum and author of Militant Islam Reaches America.

God’s greatest Briton

November 27, 2002 : Winston Churchill has been awarded the title of Greatest Briton by public vote, but which of the religious figures from British history have done most to further British society and communities of faith?

God and China

November 27, 2002 : "One of the ironies of Christianity in China is that in the first half of the 20th century, thousands of missionaries proselytized freely and yet left a negligible imprint. Yet now, with foreign missionaries banned and the underground church persecuted, Christianity is flourishing in China with tens of millions of believers" writes the New York Times.

Nigerian Muslims say riot reporter must die

November 27, 2002 : A Nigeria state government has ordered Muslims to kill the journalist whose article sparked the Miss World riots.
- Miss World fatwa 'null and void' : Associated Press

Timor Asylum seekers to be sent home

November 26, 2002 : Up to 1800 East Timorese asylum seekers may be sent home after the Refugee Review Tribunal has begun to process their claims. Many of the asylum seekers have been in Australia for almost a decade, have married here, have had their children here, have jobs and are accepted members of the community. They will be forced to leave Australia and go back to East Timor where there is vast unemployment as the country rebuilds itself.