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Two ways to launch

Read Two ways to launch

July 28, 2015In a double launch at Moore College, Phillip Jensen began a new ministry venture and his friends and colleagues launched a book in his honour.

Grand old lady turns 175

Read Grand old lady turns 175

July 22, 2015One of the oldest churches in the Diocese recently marked its 175th birthday by rejoicing in its history and looking to the future.

“Prepare” prepares the pairing preparers

Read “Prepare” prepares the pairing preparers

July 15, 2015It may be a desire to highlight the priority churches place on marriage, or simply a jump in interest, but MT and D has just hosted its largest training day for the Prepare/Enrich marriage tool.

Anglicans respond to Presbyterian SSM vote

Read Anglicans respond to Presbyterian SSM vote

July 6, 2015Senior Anglican leaders have responded to a move by the Presbyterian Church in NSW to consider ministers handing back their marriage licences if marriage is redefined to include same-sex couples.

North Sydney gets fit

Read North Sydney gets fit

July 5, 2015St Thomas’, North Sydney is running a fitness group aimed at encouraging people to keep fit as well as creating connections with non-churchgoing locals.

Mission Areas expand

Read Mission Areas expand

June 29, 2015The Georges River Region has created two new mission areas to help parishes minister and plan with other churches experiencing similar mission issues.

Vale Sir Harold Knight

Read Vale Sir Harold Knight

June 23, 2015The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Sydney has noted with sadness the passing of leading layman, world war two veteran and senior public figure, Sir Harold Knight.

Gong hosts SSM lecture

Read Gong hosts SSM lecture

June 22, 2015A crowd in Wollongong has been told It possible to speak about same-sex marriage 'calmly and respectfully' in the public sphere.

Boost for low fee schools welcomed

Read Boost for low fee schools welcomed

June 19, 2015The Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation has welcomed the announcement of an injection of state government funds into the low fee school sector.

ADM announces new CEO

Read ADM announces new CEO

June 16, 2015Anglican Deaconess Ministries has announced its new CEO will be Dr Kate Harrison Brennan.