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Archbishop honoured

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August 27, 2016Archbishop Glenn Davies has returned to Westminster Theological Seminary – having studied there in the mid-1970s – to receive an honorary doctorate.

‘Expand now’ says church growth expert

Read ‘Expand now’ says church growth expert

August 19, 2016A church growth expert has told a Sydney conference that churches need to anticipate growth in order to break through the ‘200 barrier’.

Cross-culture training gains momentum

Read Cross-culture training gains momentum

August 12, 2016A new ministry couple in the Georges River region has supplemented their ministry training by spending three months with the Church Missionary Society, paving the way for future ministers in the multicultural area to similarly receive cross-cultural training.

Life plants in Marsden Park

Read Life plants in Marsden Park

August 5, 2016Life Anglican Church is gearing up to begin its latest church plant in Marsden Park.

Military chaplains bonded by faith

Read Military chaplains bonded by faith

July 30, 2016Military chaplains across the world, and in Sydney, discuss their ministries.

The promise of more miracles

Read The promise of more miracles

July 25, 2016The co-founder of Miracle School ministries in Pakistan, Angela Michael, has asked for help to start more schools and a feeding program during a recent visit to Australia.

Planters on the ground

Read Planters on the ground

July 17, 2016Church planters for the first three projects of the Archbishop’s New Churches for New Communities program have met to discuss the vision for Sydney’s fastest growing new suburbs.

Moore’s treasures unveiled

Read Moore’s treasures unveiled

July 8, 2016A campaign has begun to preserve a major collection of Australian history at Moore College library, including two of the first books ever printed by press and the first book distributed in Australia.

Merged group named Anglicare

Read Merged group named Anglicare

July 1, 2016The newly merged group formed from Anglicare Sydney and Anglican Retirement Villages has officially begun, using the name Anglicare.

NCLS 2016 to target youth, gifts in service

Read NCLS 2016 to target youth, gifts in service

June 22, 2016This year’s National Church Life Survey is gearing up to take a closer look at the multicultural makeup of Australian churches, as well as giving more of a voice to young people and their views.