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Property SHIFT

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January 15, 2018A new program has been developed by Anglicare that offers secure housing for refugees and families fleeing domestic violence.

Bondi and Waverley team up

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December 29, 2017The parishes of Bondi and Waverley have begun a process of amalgamation after more than a year of increased partnership.

Tweeting the truth

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December 20, 2017The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has for the first time tweeted his Christmas message, condensing Christmas in 280 characters.

The future for new churches in Sydney

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December 15, 2017Following the greenfields land acquisition levy synod turns its attention to constructing new churches in these areas that are expected to be rezoned as urban communities within the next 5 years.

The Retirement Village of the Future

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December 12, 2017Retirement options that are designed, from the ground up, to be a part of the local community rather than isolated from it.

Brain for Bendigo as Robinson resigns

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December 8, 2017The Anglican Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn has lost two senior leaders in the spaceĀ of a week, with the resignation of Bishop Stuart Robinson and the appointment of Bishop Matt Brain as Bishop of Bendigo.

What makes an effective Church ESL Class?

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December 5, 2017It must: teach clear language skills, have a time for morning tea and general conversation practice, and also feature the Bible in some way. Some classes feature the Bible in English practice, whereas other churches may offer easy English Bible studies after the class or on another day.

The ice man loveth

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December 3, 2017A Mt Druitt man has developed his own small ministry to the community, trying to raise awareness and encourage open conversations about the destructive force of crystal methamphetamine.

Mega-ministry in Darwin

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November 28, 2017A Sydney church is gearing up to embark on its eighth youth mission up to the Northern Territory, in partnership with local churches.

Mission 2020 updated

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November 23, 2017Synod has heard an update on the first year of Mission 2020, with mixed results but still featuring stories of success and people being changed by the gospel.