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Life as God’s gift

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October 16, 2017An ongoing push in Australian parliaments for euthanasia or “assisted dying” has been unanimously rejected by Sydney’s Synod.

Safe Ministry goes online

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October 11, 2017Spontaneous applause broke out on the floor of Synod when it was announced that elements of Safe Ministry Training were now online.

Domestic abuse policy passes

Read Domestic abuse policy passes

October 10, 2017A policy on responding to domestic abuse in churches has been passed overwhelmingly by Synod, following years of work by a Diocesan task force.

Timeless gospel meets changing world

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October 9, 2017Archbishop Glenn Davies has used his Presidential Address, delivered within days of the 500 year anniversary of the start of the Reformation, as a rallying call to stand firm in proclaiming the gospel.

Anglicans help Vanuatu Volcano Evacuees

Read Anglicans help Vanuatu Volcano Evacuees

October 8, 2017A major volcanic eruption is threatening, forcing the evacuation of more than 11 thousand residents of Ambae Island in Vanuatu.

We mourn with you

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October 4, 2017A special commemorative service has been held at St Andrew's Cathedral for those affected by the Las Vegas massacre at the weekend.

Our man Isaac working magic

Read Our man Isaac working magic

October 1, 2017On weekdays you can see Isaac Kuruvilla in smart business suit performing his duty at the Sydney Diocesan Secretariat. On weekends, he is a different kind of performer.

English for all nations

Read English for all nations

September 24, 2017A once Anglo suburb continues to reflect the increasingly multicultural blend of Sydney.

Drive for Mission

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September 17, 2017Chester Hill Anglican Church is giving refugees a helping hand behind the wheel.

Praying together this Sunday

Read Praying together this Sunday

September 13, 2017Churches have been urged to set aside this Sunday as a day of Praying together for Marriage.