Jesus and the Gods of the New Age provides a strategy for Christians trying to evangelise New Agers. In the spirit of becoming all things to all men, those who evangelise New Agers need to take on the culture and language of New Age, and give serious thought to the questions and answers that drive New Age thinking (not an oxymoron, despite popular jokes to the contrary).

The authors are experienced in New Age evangelism, in particular having run a stall at a major New Age festival for some years. This experience lies behind their recommendations both for a general strategy and for specific ways of evangelising New Agers.

For instance, a New Age question may be, ‘Did Jesus actually travel to India in the years of his life not recorded in Scriptures?’ This book gives you the evidence for such a journey and the reasons why it is highly unlikely, but also (more importantly) how you might respond to the person asking this question, with comments such as these: “We said to Colin, ‘Suppose that Jesus really did journey to India and other places and mastered all these religious pathways. Would that not only add credence to his followers’ assertion that he is the enlightened one?’” (p. 165).

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