Want to receive regular updates of all new stories, articles and reviews straight to your desktop? Tired of visiting web sites to find nothing new? If so then RSS is for you. is designed to deliver notifications of all new material to RSS readers. RSS readers scan news sites selected by users and notify them when new items appear. They also store these items for you to read at your leisure. Many web sites have adopted this technology including the Sydney Morning Herald, the New York Times and the BBC. Instead of visiting every single web site, simply open your RSS reader and it does all the checking for you.

How do I use it?
You need to two things: an RSS reader (most modern internet browsers support RSS, but you can also download free RSS clients) and one or more RSS feeds (see our lists of feeds below).
Simply download a free RSS reader, install the program and subscribe to the feeds you would like to be notified about.

RSS feeds for
News stories
Blogs and Opinion
Media watch around the world
Media releases

Can I use your RSS feed on my web site?
Sure. We suggest our News stories feed. Using RSS feeds on your web site is a great way to keep your site fresh. Just be sure to link back to us: