Clubhouse is a brand new social networking platform that combines the features of a podcast, a Facebook Live and a phone call. Users can tune into live audio content from interviews to conversations, and presentations to roundtable discussions.

When you first login to the app, you’ll see a list of different “rooms” on your screen. Each room contains a conversation about an interesting topic, from K-Pop to marketing strategy, must-read fantasy books to a room debriefing over the Meghan and Harry Oprah interview. As you begin to listen to these conversations, you’ll meet people interested in the same topics as you. 

Clubhouse initially launched in May 2020, and while there have been some teething issues around data protection, there is also a high amount of potential in an audio-only app. 

Here's why your church should look to become an early adopter of Clubhouse: 

1. The potential to grow is high

Social media constantly evolves and expands, and joining new apps early gives you much more potential to reach others. While an app is new (and doesn't have many advertising streams or content creators) it is easy to build an audience and reach new people. 

Rather than struggle with over-saturated platforms like Facebook or Twitter, getting in on the ground will allow you to grow with the platforms. 

2. It's a non-confrontational way to share the gospel 

Clubhouse is a great platform for setting up important discussions in a way that allows meaningful collaboration. Unlike most audio apps, Clubhouse conversations are streamed live, and audience members can participate in discussion. 

You still have moderating power and can select which members are made “speakers”, but this allows a lot more engagement. This provides a non confrontational way to share the gospel, allowing people to tune in and ask any questions they have without feeling as though they are on the spot. 

3. Clubhouse thrives on niche content 

Because Clubhouse is structured around individual rooms, it naturally directs people towards the same niches and topics. This means for people interested in values questions or finding out more about Jesus, they will keep being served relevant content. 

Most of all, we want the gospel to be going out far and wide so let us grasp with open arms the chance for it to be heard.

4. You’re already creating the content

The good news is, your church is probably already creating content that can easily be shared on Clubhouse and gain more exposure. Streaming a part of your church service or a one-off evangelistic event gives you a way to engage far beyond your immediate sphere. 

Have you tried Clubhouse yet? Maybe you’ve found a room all about baking your own sourdough or exercises you can do at the gym. If your Church is trialing something creative we’d love to listen in!