The key give-away for the Connect09 outreach program, The Essential Jesus is now available as a pdf, MP3 and Bible study, so you can be completely familiar with what you are connecting people with.

The PDF for The Essential Jesus has been available for some time. You can download it by clicking here. Combine it with Archbishop Peter Jensen’s on-going Bible study and you have a powerful way to work through the book right from your desktop.

Archbishop Peter Jensen is taking users through this resource chapter by chapter. You can find all of his entries in his archive, beginning with chapter one, here.

Archbishop Jensen’s resource would make an excellent Bible study for churches and small groups aiming to give The Essential Jesus out to friends as part of Connect09.

That’s 24 studies - or six months worth of working through an excellent translation of the Gospel of Luke with one of the finest theological minds in the diocese.

But what if you’re on your own?

To begin with, the Archbishop has opened his articles up to commenting so that people can ask their questions and receive feedback online. The ability to ask questions only lasts for two weeks per study, so best to get in early.

Also, a personal favourite, try listening to the free audiobook of The Essential Jesus. It’s the newest, and from my way of thinking, the best of the Essential Jesus resources.

This is an excellent way of re-familiarising yourself with the text of the Gospel of Luke while driving, at the gym, going for a run, doing the ironing - anywhere you can listen to an MP3.

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