In the wake of militant atheist Christopher Hitchens’ visit to Australia, one of Australia's top economists has challenged the idea that Christianity is irrational and that Christians are deluded.

Professor Ian Harper, director of Access Economics and former chair of the Fair Pay Commission, told an Inspiring People event at the Hilton Hotel earlier this week how God had appealed to his intellect in order to bring him to Christ.

"I was confronted by educated men, men I could not simply dismiss as deluded fools," he said of the people who explained Jesus to him.

Over sixty people attended the event which also featured style queen June Dally-Watkins and former Kangaroo Jason Stevens.

They were questioned on their inspirations, successes and faith.

June Dally-Watkins shared her simple origins, growing up in a tiny town outside Tamworth known as Watson's Creek, and how through trial and error in modeling she learnt the personal development skills she now teaches at her schools.

She explained that although she never grew up with religion, she always felt God's presence. It wasn't until she was traveling in Hong Kong, however, that she committed her life to Christ.

"I came back to Sydney, and everyone was looking at me and they were saying, "You look different. Did you fall in love?' " I just felt like another person," Ms Dally-Watkins said. "I hope people will take away the feeling I have in my heart for Jesus."

Jason Stevens discussed some of the challenges that came with living as a Christian while being a first grade football player.

"Part of that was learning about balance and trying to control your temper on the field," Jason explained. "But it can be done, it's very possible, but I think you've got to be set in your mind. You need to be certain on what you want to achieve and how you want to live."

Paula Vouris, from Connect09, says that the events have been successful so far in engaging non-Christians with the gospel.

"It's a really easy way to invite people to an event," she said. "Seeds are being planted. That's very exciting. I'm seeing people inspired to know a little more."

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