“Christmas speaks more loudly than ever”

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A packed service of Hope and Prayer for Sydney has shown the depth of feeling, shock and mourning after the siege in Sydney's Martin Place in which two people died.

NSW Governor, General David Hurley (Ramon Williams, Worldwide Photos)

The NSW Governor, General David Hurley, Premier Mike Baird and the Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione sat with their wives and senior officers of the police, ambulance and fire service.

Tears flowed as there were prayers for the families of victims Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson, escaped hostages and staff of the cafe, as well as police and emergency services.

"At times like this our bodies ache for rest; our spirits long for relief; and our hearts yearn for hope." Archbishop Glenn Davies told the congregation.

"There is hope at the end of this long dark tunnel. it is the hope that only God can provide and this Christmas he speaks more loudly than ever, when Jesus says: 'Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest’."  (see Seven NewsSky News , Nine News , ABC News)

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and his wife Joy during an emotional moment of the service (Ch 7 News)

Main photo: The Commissioner, the Governor and senior police at St Andrew's Cathedral. (Ramon Williams, Worldwide Photos)




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