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Anglican Aid has joined other agencies in launching an appeal for victims of the Nepal earthquake.

A huge quake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck the mountain Kingdom on April 25th, between the city of Pokhara and the capital Kathmandu. It has caused significant damage and loss of life, with the death toll put at above 3,200 and rising.

This appeal is being supported by the Archbishop of Sydney's Anglican Aid which will receive tax deductible public gifts, the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and International Nepal Fellowship (INF) which work directly in Nepal providing health care, education and disability support.  

Sydney's Archbishop Glenn Davies described the scale of the Nepal tragedy as 'staggering'.

"Nepal has suffered a heavy death toll, as well as overwhelming property damage. Traumatised survivors are still being terrified by aftershocks." the Archbishop said.

"In the short term, we pray God will comfort and shelter those who have lost their homes;  we pray for the rescue teams that they might speedily intervene; and we pray for the medical staff that their skill and healing hands will bring compassion and calm to the chaos of this tragedy. In the long term, we pray that our financial aid might bring fresh hope to a shattered nation." Dr Davies said.

A joint statement from the agencies described the situation on the ground in Nepal.

INF’s medical team from Pokhara, including other expatriate doctors, are travelling to one of the worst hit regions, Gorkha in Western Nepal, to provide support to local health services.

CMS missionaries are currently serving on the ground with INF in long term medical and development work and are key personnel in the crisis response and rebuilding of the nation.   

INF says "The region is continuing to experience frequent aftershocks with the largest occurring at lunchtime (Sunday) with a magnitude of 6.8 - on any ordinary day this would classify as a full-blown earthquake. As evening falls, heavy rains started to make the situation worse for thousands of people who will be sleeping outside tonight. Many have been left homeless after Saturday's earthquake or they feel safer outside, worrying that their damaged home might collapse."

Tax deductible donations for the Nepal Disaster Relief Fund can be made here. After consultation with CMS Australia funds will be disbursed through INF and the Diocese of Singapore to assist people affected by the earthquake.


Feature photo: UN Development Programme