Connecting during COVID19

How can we encourage people when we must keep our social distance. We are collecting ideas to share.

Make connections
Now is the time for people to be a part of a small group if they aren’t already. These groups may not be meeting in person, but if they are organised into online, email or phone groups they will be better placed to care for one another, in the event that care is needed by any of them.  Make sure you follow the social distancing guidelines in our FAQ.
Other ideas: 
•    Buddy up people in your congregation for an actual phone call to the older members of the congregation, especially those living alone or one other, at least once a week (but even better if it’s twice a week).
•    Create a roster of people who will spend an hour a day ringing people, chatting with and encouraging them.
•    Sign up people to become prayer partners or engage in one-to-one Bible reading on the phone or together online. has some great ideas on how to do this. 

More ideas will appear here in coming weeks. If you have an idea, tell us.