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Media release

Archbishop’s statement on antisemitism

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney

Public Statement

In recent days we have witnessed repugnant expressions of antisemitism in Sydney which have appalled most Australians and heightened fears among the Jewish community.

The conduct of some individuals in our city including flag burnings and aggressive verbal incitements to violence against Jewish people have shocked and repulsed our city. It deserves the strongest condemnation and must not be tolerated.

I have joined other faith leaders in calling for national unity and harmony so that our multi-cultural, multi-faith community may continue to thrive without hate or violence.

I urge all people, whether they adhere to a faith or not, to reject antisemitism in all its forms. I call on all community leaders to deplore the vilification which we have seen recently and pursue harmony, mutual respect and peace.

Anglicans in Sydney, including my predecessors as Archbishop, have had a history of warm and constructive relations with the Jewish community.   In Psalm 23 King David, whom Jews and Christians both honour, wrote of walking through the valley of the shadow of death, comforted by the goodness of God. So we pray that those who mourn will be comforted, strengthened and protected in these times of darkness and sorrow.

The sin of antisemitism has a long and shameful history. It must be repudiated in the strongest terms. My prayer is that all Australians offer to our Jewish fellow citizens every assurance of support and love. 

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel

13 October 2023




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