Mission 2020

To see Christ honoured as Lord and Saviour in every community.

We commit ourselves afresh, in prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit, to glorify God and love our neighbour by proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ, calling people to repent and living lives worthy of him.

A prayer for Mission 2020

Our heavenly Father, fill our lives with the fruit of your Spirit, so that we may walk in joyful obedience, share your love by word and deed, and see Christ honoured in every community as Lord and Saviour.



Download full mission, vision, values and priorities

Parish Planning Template - listing the priorities of the Mission and then sets alongside these priorities the associated Diocesan goals. Space and instructions are then provided for each parish to set their own goals.

Ways to Mission- listing resources intended to help parishes progress their Mission 2020 goals. The resources are grouped according to each Mission 2020 Priority.

Now available -  M20 Survey - a short form of the NCLS survey, focused on Mission 2020 priorities, intended to allow parishes the option of tracking their progress against Mission goals on an annual basis. The survey costs $150 per implementation, plus $1 per survey form. The order form is available from the M20 Survey Order Form page on the NCLS website.