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The question of when human life begins has been debated for many centuries. According to Paul Swope , the majority of people consider the fetus to be fully human. Yet abortion continues to be practised. It is not that the humanity of the fetus is insignificant for the many women who agonise about their decision to abort, but it does not appear to have the final say in their decisionmaking process. Christian opposition to abortion is based on the view that in the Bible, human life starts at conception, and is always a precious new instance of the image of God.
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Marriage and same sex issues

Should the Marriage Act allow two people of the same sex to be married?
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Where is God when we suffer?

Philosophers have normally put it this way as a challenge to Christianity.  If there is an all-powerful God, if there is an all-loving God, and if there is suffering, then one of those propositions must be false.
Bishop Glenn Davies answers some of these questions here

Does God make sense?

Is religion brainless, or worse, responsible for evil and wars in the world? How do I choose among religions? Is there even a God?
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