For the first time in many years, ABC Television is screening an evangelical service on Christmas Eve. St Andrew’s Cathedral has been chosen to host the annual carols telecast on ABC television at 6pm on the night before Christmas.

The National broadcast on ABC 1 will feature Dean Phillip Jensen and the Cathedral choir, along with guest musicians and orchestra. The Dean said “This broadcast provides a great opportunity to express the message of the birth of our Lord in a genuinely modern and Australian fashion”. The Cathedral greets thousands of visitors for Christmas services each year, with the 6, 8 and 11pm Christmas Eve services especially popular. As in previous years the Cathedral will run concerts, carols, seniors and family Christmas celebrations in the week leading up to December 25.

Extra musicians were brought in for the recording which took place earlier this month. The Cathedral’s Director of Music Ross Cobb described the music as  “....  a unique mix of traditional and modern music in a real-Gospel centered broadcast. It’s been great working with the ABC, and I think the end result will prove to be something very special for Christmas Eve.”

Last year's telecast from St Mary's Cathedral was later in the night but the ABC says it has shifted this year's telecast earlier to avoid a conflict with the Channel Nine carols, which now starts at 7.30 pm.

Sydney churches are being urged to maximise the audience by telling friends and family about the telecast. 

Sydney Anglicans also feature in the Bike for Bibles telecast on Christmas Day. The documentary is on Channel 7, 11.30am on Christmas Day.

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