The Diocese of Sydney has asked for clarification of an Education Department directive on materials in the Special Religious Education curriculum.

This follows a Victorian lobby group's claim about the publication, Teen Sex by the Book by noted sexual health expert Patricia Weerakoon.

The group claimed it was an SRE resource, an error which was repeated in some media reports.

Despite the fact that it is not in the curriculum and not used in SRE, the education department issued SRE providers with a notice, directing them not to use Teen Sex by the Book but also mentioned two other publications, the Sneaking Suspicion resources by John Dickson and You: an introduction by Michael Jensen.

There was no detail on why the books were banned.

"There is significant concern and outrage from within the Anglican Community and the broader Christian community in response to this unprecedented action of the DEC banning SRE books and other Christian resources." said the director of the Anglican SRE office Jon Thorpe.

"The legislation allows approved SRE providers to educate students in the chosen faith of the family. The Sydney Anglican SRE curriculum focuses on teaching students a Christian world view from the Bible. The curriculum is authorised and publicly available." Mr Thorpe said. "We are seeking urgent clarification from the DEC."

Archbishop Glenn Davies is also expected to meet with the Education minister to discuss the issue.

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