The leader of Australia’s largest Anglican Diocese, Dr Peter Jensen, has delivered his final Easter message, saying he is ‘filled with hope’.

Dr Jensen retires in July and the statement issued today is his 12th Easter message as Archbishop. He has been one of Australia’s foremost religious leaders and one of the longest-serving of recent times.

The message comes as Anglican churches hold Good Friday services and prepare for Easter Day services on Sunday, celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Dr Jensen draws on his own self-reflection upon leaving office.

“As I think on my time as Archbishop, naturally I look back and try to judge myself – not with much success!” he says. “Like you, I have a real judge. Think how much more God, who knows all the secrets of our hearts, must be able to hold me to account. It should make us tremble.”

But Dr Jensen says Easter fills him with hope.

“What happened at the first Easter reminds me of the love of God. Through the death of Jesus even I, and all of us, can have forgiveness as we turn to him in sorrow and trust him for our lives” he says.

“Our failures are not the last word over our lives. And, through the resurrection of Jesus I have a great and undeserved hope of my own resurrection and future.” the Archbishop says.

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