Join the 41 Churches aiming to reach 1.2 million

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Read Join the 41 Churches aiming to reach 1.2 million

Forty-one churches in the Georges River Region will work together in 2020 to spread the gospel to the 1.2 million people living in their parishes.

Bishop Peter Lin has encouraged every Christian to prepare well for a year of mission by making 2019 a year of prayer for evangelism and each other, launching this at a regional prayer night in February.

"As long as they share the gospel"

Based on John 3:16, the 3:16 mission hopes to see every member of a Georges River Region church share the gospel with at least one other person.

“If you know John 3:16, you have all you need to share the gospel with someone,” Bishop Lin says. “Although, I don’t care what people use to share the gospel with someone, as long as they share it!”  

Launch night

More than 200 people from across the region gathered at Danebank Anglican School to pray together for the 2020 Georges River Region Mission, praying for each other’s churches and the communities that need to hear the gospel.

"God might not choose to change a single person" 

“I am keen for there to be more people sharing Jesus from our churches, and I want to encourage that,” Bishop Lin says. “I think it’s encouraging when you know there are lots of other people doing it, or trying to do it as well.

All God’s work

I want to keep it simple - people sharing Jesus. This is all God’s work. God might choose not to change a single person, or he might choose to change many. But he’s not given us the task to change people, he’s given us the task of setting the truth out plainly to people.”



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