Synod has passed a motion encouraging churches to support disabled people in their congregations and communities.

The motion, moved by Anglican CEO, Grant Millard, also recommended churches participate in Disability Sunday on October 30.

On Disability Sunday, Anglican churches around Sydney will be asked to pray for people with a disability and carers, and sign letters to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition encouraging them to commit to implementing a National Disability Insurance Scheme.

In a recorded message to be shown to congregations on October 30, Archbishop Jensen notes the Diocese’s commitment to advocate for the best interests of those who have a disability and carers.

Archbishop Peter Jensen has also encouraged churches to consider how they welcome people with a disability and carers, to enable them to participate in the life of the local church.

“Disability Sunday is a time for Christians to affirm that people with a disability and carers are precious to God," Mr Millard said.

Anglicare Sydney has been one of many Christian voices advocating for national reform of disability services.

“Anglicare Sydney, with the Sydney Diocese strongly supports a National Disability Insurance Scheme and National Injury Insurance Scheme, as recommended recently by the Productivity Commission.

“As Archbishop Jensen noted in a letter to rectors, this is an opportune moment for Christians to publicly affirm the integrity of those with a disability and show Government that they are watching closely efforts to better care for people with a disability and carers,” said Mr Millard.

The Productivity Commission has recommended funding for disability services be doubled to meet unmet demand.

“With no funding source for a National Disability Insurance Scheme identified and lengthy timeframes for full implementation around 2017, there is serious concern that reform will be too slow to help people already in urgent need of further assistance”, said Mr Millard.


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