Anglican Media's quest to find our favourite church song is in its final stages and we need your help.

In the June edition of Sydney Diocese's news magazine Southern Cross, readers were asked to vote for their favourite hymn and contemporary song.

The votes were cast from a list of seven suggested hymns and seven contemporary songs. This list was based on previous hymns polls in Britain, as well as reflecting those recent songs that are currently receiving the most CCLI royalties from Australian churches.

As part of this initial survey, Southern Cross readers also nominated an additional 22 songs and hymns that they felt should have been on the list.

For fairness, those songs that received multiple nominations have now been added to this web poll to definitively test their popularity.

The survey of Southern Cross readers did produce a run-away winner, which easily outpolled all other options " whether in the hymn or contemporary category.

Now is time to see if this song is also popular amongst readers of our website to determine if we really have an overall winner.

The final results will be published in the upcoming edition of Southern Cross, available in churches on Sunday, August 1.

Photo:  John Rudolph Mueller

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