Appeal opens for Lahore Bomb victims

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The Archbishop of Sydney's Anglican Aid has opened an appeal for the victims of the Easter Sunday attack on Christians in Pakistan.

Hundreds of Christians were celebrating Easter when a suicide bomber detonated more than nine kilograms of explosives at the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore.

The explosion was centred near the carousel at the park’s fairground, so many children were among the 73 people killed.

A Taliban splinter group has claimed responsibility.

Anglican Aid director David Mansfield urged Christians to give generously to the appeal.

"The families of the 215 victims, mostly women and children, are required to feed their injured relatives in hospital" said Anglican Aid director David Mansfield. "This is placing huge strain on families, so the first wave response will be emergency food. Later down the track, there will be a need to offer victims trauma counselling."

Anglican Aid has well-established partners in Pakistan, including Lahore where it supports the Exodus 5 project, which aims to smash the cycle of intergenerational slavery by providing the children of bonded slaves at brick kilns with free education. 



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