Emergency help as locals pray for Iraq

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Anglican Aid Iraq appeal

Read Emergency help as locals pray for Iraq

The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has sent an initial $20,000 to help Iraqis in crisis in Northern Iraq, with pledges for more than $100,000 in aid.

Ancient Christian towns have been emptied, with thousands of Iraqi Christians fleeing the onslaught of the forces of the ‘Islamic State’ trying to create out a self-proclaimed caliphate. 

In the latest reports from Canon Andrew White, the Anglican Vicar of St George's, Baghdad, he told of one Christian family, gathered at their home, who were all shot through the face and killed. The Bible they were reading still lay on the couch. 

In Sydney, Archbishop Glenn Davies has described killings in the area as ‘horrifying’ and called for fervent prayer and urgent action. 

Earlier this month, the Archbishop’s Anglican Aid opened an appeal for the victims of the Iraqi persecution and it has already sent an initial $10,000 to the office of the Primate of the Middle East, Bishop Mouneer Anis, for distribution as emergency relief. 

As well as donating to the Appeal, prayer meetings were organised across Australia, spurred by the Open Doors organisation, which campaigns against persecution.

One such meeting, at St Michael's Cathedral, Wollongong last weekend heard from an Iraqi Christian, originally from Mosul, now studying in Wollongong.

“It was moving to hear our Iraqi sister in Christ, share about the impact of persecution and displacement on her immediate family.” said Canon Sandy Grant, senior minister at St Michael’s. “Her brother had lost his home and his job as a doctor. Her sister and family had been displaced from their village. She especially asked us to pray for the children of that land to be preserved from further harm, and also to uphold those for whom these traumatic events cause them to doubt their faith in God.”

Photo: Canon Sandy Grant with Bishop Peter Hayward (front row right) and others hold up the Nazarene symbol at the Iraq prayer service at St Michael's Cathedral, Wollongong. 



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