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2020 Christmas Message

The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, says Christmas is the desperately needed circuit-breaker after a harrowing year of COVID.

“We’ve all been looking forward to Christmas this year, haven’t we? For most of us, we will just make it to the finish line and will be glad to see the back of 2020.” Dr Davies said in his annual Christmas message.

“We desperately need the joy of Christmas and the deeper meaning of this festival. The main thing we have we learned from COVID-19 is that we crave relationship with others without the frustration of social distancing and face masks.”

Archbishop Davies referred to the deeper meaning of Christmas, declaring that Christmas represents “the great unmasking of God”.

“In the coming of Jesus, we see God’s face. The Bible tells us “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. God took off his mask and revealed himself in such an extraordinary way as a human being.”

Dr Davies said lessons had been learned during the isolation of COVID-19.

“When lockdown stripped away so many things that used to fill our lives, we learned what was important to us. Relationships. From Christmas we learn that the most important relationship we can ever have is with Jesus – God unmasked.”

Dr Davies will preach at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney online on Christmas Eve, and Dean Kanishka Raffel preaches on Christmas Day. See youtube.

The full text of the Christmas message is here.

Download Christmas message in dropbox. For all information – contact the Archbishop’s Senior Media Adviser, Russell Powell 0411 692 499




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