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Christmas Message 2021

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney

2021 Christmas Message

This is our second pandemic Christmas. We have learned a new vocabulary – words like social distancing, self-isolating and now omicron.

What else have we learned?

Lockdown certainly forced us to consider the essentials of life – some of us even took up bread-making. There's something basic about that - we humans have always broken bread to share and connect with each other.

Jesus came into the world and told his disciples “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry...” Jesus is no mere man. He is the one whom God has sent into the world to be our life - the source of our life.

I hope there will be food to share on your Christmas table – and people you love around it. We have missed that so much during lockdown.

But don't miss the truth of Christmas. See who Jesus really is.

He says to us this Christmas – come, believe, and trust in me.

May you have a safe and happy Christmas.

Kanishka Raffel Archbishop of Sydney

Christmas 2021




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