Modern Slavery Bill 2018

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Media Statement

"The Bill against modern slavery being tabled today by Paul Green MLC deserves the wholehearted support of the Parliament and the people of NSW", says Archbishop Glenn Davies, who will be present in the Legislative Council for the occasion.

Human Trafficking is an abhorrent form of modern slavery. It is a transnational crime which preys upon the most vulnerable. Human trafficking should be abolished in all its forms from our world, along with other practices of enslavement, such as servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, organ trafficking, deceptive recruiting, as well as forced marriage and childhood brides.

"Such practices are a blight on our society, as they were in the days of William Wilberforce, and I urge all people, especially Christians, to join the fight to eradicate slavery in all its forms." the Archbishop said.



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