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Media release

Statement regarding Dr Keith Mascord

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Media Statement

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Statement regarding Dr Keith Mascord


The Archbishop does not normally comment on applications for licences, which are the subject of private discussions and correspondence with the applicants.

However, given misrepresentations in the media, the following points are relevant:
A licence to preach and teach is an authority issued by the Archbishop which carries with it a responsibility to teach the doctrines of the Anglican Church and not against those doctrines.
In 2008, following the resignation of the Rev. Dr Keith Mascord from a stipendiary position in the Diocese, he was given a three-year 'authority to officiate' in a voluntary capacity. In July 2010 Dr Mascord applied for and was granted a further three-year licence, which expired in August 2013.  Dr Mascord has not been licensed in the Diocese since 2013.
The Archbishop recently held private talks with Dr Mascord which Dr Davies described as ‘warm and cordial’. 

Dr Mascord outlined the ways in which his thinking had moved away from the established doctrines of the Anglican Church, including his written statements that he has now come to believe that the Bible contains “erroneous … theological ideas”.
Because of his rejection of the authority of the Bible and the doctrine of Christ (as received by the Anglican Church), the Archbishop formed the view that it is not appropriate for Dr Mascord to hold a licence to preach in the Diocese of Sydney.
However, Dr Mascord was offered a licence to exercise a ministry in his own parish as long as he was willing to conform to his ordination vows to teach only what is in accord with Anglican doctrine.
We understand Dr Mascord has declined to take up that offer.




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