Ms Susan Weddell – Mount Hunter, southwestern Sydney

The average week is not routine. Medical issues, appointments and testing takes priority but it never takes me from Jesus. The church I attend now is very much family-of-Jesus based. I help on Tuesdays with Mainly Music, an outreach to young mums in the area. [We do] activities with little ones from newborn to preschool, support the mums and nannas, and introduce Jesus in the conversations. 

The Lord has also opened doors I never expected! During cancer treatment and time in hospital I have been able to talk, pray and support people I may never meet again. The opportunity to plant the seed of Jesus’ grace and love has been used. I tell them I continue to pray for them, which I do. 

The Lord has also opened doors I never expected!

Our Sunday service is small but enthusiastic and our morning tea continues with what we’ve listened to [in the sermon] about supporting each other. My joy is knowing God is in control and has put me in places and situations that I have been able to tell of Jesus, which I previously thought I was never good enough to do. 

Serving Jesus is an honour. Situations change, so I rely on him every day that I have to tell of his grace, love and saving strength. I’m no hero or great person, but I’m willing to let Jesus rule my life to be able to tell others what he has done. 


Mrs Georgia Street – Wild Street, Maroubra

I have the joy of being a primary school teacher, which consumes a lot of my week. When I’m not working, we’re leading a Bible study, finding a good café or catching up with family and friends. 

My husband and I lead a Bible study together. It's a great joy to walk alongside people as we study the Bible and think about life in light of Jesus. I also have the privilege of working in an Anglican school. Showing students the true Jesus and discussing how Jesus impacts every part of their life is not only key to my job, but one of my greatest joys. 

I can easily be discouraged by my day-to-day struggle with sin. I can’t wait for God to take that away one day. The great joy for me is the promise of Revelation 21:4, that new heaven and new earth where there is no more suffering or crying or pain. All of that, won for me, the undeserving sinner. 

Mrs Molly Borg – Northmead

I’m a primary teacher by trade but I’m currently on maternity leave as I await the arrival of our third daughter.

With young children at home and a husband in full-time ministry, my role is to make sure he can be released as much as possible to complete his role adequately. I also believe my role is to educate our girls and lead them in a godly manner. We are currently doing a Bible overview with our girls. I provide the material for my husband to do with them before work in the morning as they’re all early risers. I do related activities a few times a week. 

On Tuesdays, I lead young adults Bible study at night with my husband. I find meeting up with young adults also really beneficial for both parties. On Wednesday, the girls attend swimming, too. The class sizes are small, allowing us to have conversations with the parents in the class and build community connections. Sunday we attend church and catch up with church families for lunch. It’s a strong witness to just turn up to church on time every week with children. 

It’s a huge privilege to be able to be heavily involved in ministry. I find it a joy to have our home full, doing life with other Christians. I love witnessing the growth in people’s faith, especially in our young adults Bible study and meeting up one to one. 

My girls are so loved through the ministry we do. They’ve made some great connections and I’m so thankful for the beautiful Christian influences they have in their lives. It’s always a balancing act with the girls. We want to take them on the journey with us and have them involved as much as possible but it’s hard to juggle ministry with their needs. It’s obviously very worth it.

Serving Jesus is often viewed as a sacrificial task. Through serving you’ll benefit and grow in your faith, whether you’re working with kids, adults, peers or on a Sunday roster. 

Mrs Deb Kumar – St Luke’s, Liverpool

I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. I’m not a trained minister or a missionary. For me, [serving Jesus] is consciously grabbing every opportunity in everyday humdrum. It looks like having a conversation with my girl while doing her hair [about] what to do when she’s left alone in the playground, [or] sitting down with Lego and chatting about how the Holy Spirit works with my 9-year-old boy. It’s as simple as loving and submitting to my husband. It’s about looking at my to-do list to cut down a superfluous activity so I can pray with older women from church. 

My job [as church administrator] gives me wonderful opportunities to serve. Every phone call answered, every email responded to and every doorbell attended is a complete joy. Some of the challenges at work are the language barriers that I face. I have people knocking on the door with limited English. I would love to learn a new language, especially Arabic, to communicate with them. 

I’m thoroughly encouraged by older women at church who serve Jesus at different levels throughout their life.

Our parents and extended family live outside of Australia. I miss them and so, personally at this stage, the challenge is to keep a check on my emotional state so I do not grow weary of persevering and to remind myself that my God served me even during his darkest hours.

Growing up, my idea of serving as a believer was being involved in every other church ministry. Having moved countries and becoming a wife and mother has limited my capacity to be able to serve, or so I thought! There is no better life I need to serve Jesus than the way I do now. 

I’m thoroughly encouraged by older women at church who serve Jesus at different levels throughout their life. I would say never wait for an opportunity to serve, just do it right there and right now.