Churches are being encouraged to interview students during services on August 19th to celebrate Moore College Sunday.

Moore College Sunday is held every year in August to ask churches to get involved in the work of the college.

This year churches are being asked to partner with the College on MCS by praying for the College, interviewing a student live to highlight the work of the College and handing out some background material.

The theme, Why Moore Matters, was addressed by the principal, Dr John Woodhouse, in a letter to churches. 

“It is an immense privilege and blessing to be part of what the Lord is doing here at Moore College. It is very, very important. Without any kind of negative inference about the vast number of valuable ministries and other vital works that are going on, I want to draw your attention to the vital significance of this College."

Rectors and ministry staff were urged not to take Moore College for granted.

"What I am saying, brothers and sisters, is that if Christianity matters, churches matter. If churches matter, well-trained Christian ministers matter. If well-trained Christian ministers matter, Moore College matters. And we (churches, individual Christians and graduates) who have the privilege to be directly involved in this work should give thanks to our great God on whom everything depends” Dr Woodhouse said.

Moore College sunday will be followed up with opportunities to view the work of the college close up at the Moore Open events (Open Night August 27 and Open Week  August 27-31) and Open Day on September 29.