Modern Hymns

Released last month, Modern Hymns features beautifully performed instrumental tracks of favourite Christian songs. The 12 tracks on this album are calm and peaceful. With soft piano tones and rich swells, these songs help us to slow down and, although vocals are absent, familiar melodies instantly bring well-known lyrics to mind. 

Through this album, Christian artist David Andrew hopes to inspire thankfulness and help us reflect on the good promises God has for us in Christ. Notable songs include “Cornerstone”, “Blessed Be Your Name”, “As The Deer” and “What A Friend I’ve Found”. 

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The Joy of Being

The latest album from Christian rock band Citizens helps us lift our eyes from the burdens of the world to the hope we have in Christ. These eight songs call us to slow down and just “be”: be in God’s presence and spend time reflecting on who he is and what he has promised us in Christ Jesus. 

There are no musical surprises in this record. It’s a collection of familiar mid-tempo soft rock songs with anthemic choruses you can’t help but want to sing along to. The lyrics are apt and timely, speaking clearly to a world wearied by chaos, illness and unpredictability. 

Each song presents a comforting reminder of God’s grace, mercy, and the hope of heaven that we have. Notable tracks include “Forgive Us”, “Heaven is in our Sights” and “All I Need”. 

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Eve Reloaded podcast

Rebecca Lui and Zhien-U Bakarich ask each other the question, “If Eve were alive today, what deceptions would the snake be trying out on her?”. The hosts’ friendship warms their discourse as they go back and forth, raising tough questions and responding to them biblically. 

This podcast is useful for women who want to test what the world says against the word. Bakarich draws from articles and opinion pieces in secular media for lively dialogue about body positivity, how housework should be divided in the Christian home and the pink recession of Covid-19.

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The People People podcast

Do you long for your church to be a community of believers that anyone can join? So do the community team from City on A Hill Melbourne. They explore what makes Christian community and how to create a culture in our churches that welcomes people like Christ does. 

In episode two, their exploration of Dunbar’s number (the theory that a person can only maintain 150 social relationships in their life at a time) and how it impacts church life is worth a listen, as well as the five episodes on elements of a strong community. 

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Her Theology podcast

Two Aussie women aim to make exploring God’s word normal and accessible for women, “because bad theology hurts people”. Some episodes are dedicated to working through books of the Bible while others are devoted to topics such as sex, the “solas” and forgiveness. 

Looking for an episode to start with? Forgiveness and Deep Wounds Part One is a great place to dive in, discussing the tension between offering real forgiveness and continuing to work through incredible grievances and pain. 

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