Five puppets gather for a Christmas party to celebrate the magic of Christmas that brings peace at Christmas time. Except, they’re confused. What is this peace promised? How can it help in a year with bushfires, floods, a pandemic and a lack of toilet paper?

The Peace of Christmas is a brand new special filmed presentation from Quiz Worx  that shares the true message of Christmas: that Jesus brings peace with God. Endorsed by the creators of Scripture curriculums in NSW and Queensland, Quiz Worx has designed the video to be shown in classrooms as an alternative to their usual Christmas assemblies.

In 2019 Quiz Worx performed more than 1000 shows – almost 500 of those in the five weeks leading up to Christmas – and taught the Bible to more than 140,000 students, many of whom were enrolled in Special Religious Education (NSW) and Religious Instruction (Queensland) classes. 

“This has been a very different year for us, moving into online resources,” says Chrissy Kuruvilla, performer and NSW creative team leader. 

“We wanted to provide something that would be a blessing to schools, for Scripture teachers who want to do something special but don’t have the ability to run their own Christmas assembly. Many would usually book Quiz Worx. We wanted to provide something that would feel like a Quiz Worx show.” 

The scriptwriting team felt it was especially important to focus on the theme of peace in this year’s Christmas video. “2020 has really disrupted people and their lives and made everything seem uncertain and un-peaceful,” Mrs Kuruvilla says. “Yet the Bible has this amazing message of peace. We wanted kids to be able to see that clearly and understand what it really means. 

"the Bible has this amazing message of peace."

“At Christmas time people are talking about peace, but when you think of peace you think of things quiet and easy and nice. That hasn’t been this year. The peace the Bible talks about is the deep knowing that we’re right with God. We wanted everyone to know this Christmas the peace we have with God through Jesus is what real peace is, and it’s available for everyone.”

From the 1000-plus downloads of the video to date, many Scripture teachers have replied with positive feedback and great thanks. Sue, a NSW SRE teacher, said: “The kids laughed! I loved that it was the whole year’s Special Religious Education syllabus in a couple of minutes – and it helps to have something of such good quality at the end of the year when I’m running low on energy.”

Says Mrs Kuruvilla: “We’ve always known that our ministry at Quiz Worx is reliant on God completely. We are so thankful when we hear that people are praying for us. We hope people will join us in prayer, that the kids will hear this message and take it to heart, that they would know they can have real lasting peace with God through Jesus. 

“Jesus wants kids to come to him. We pray that no matter what’s going on in their lives, that the kids would be really interested and that they would want to know the peace of God. 

“We pray this video will continue to be a blessing for Scripture teachers who are feeling tired and overwhelmed, when they haven’t gotten to teach as much and everything is now harder. We pray this will help them and be a reminder that even they can have peace with God.” 

“Jesus wants kids to come to him."

You can watch The Peace of Christmas here