As our Fiji mission trip gets closer, the weight and importance of what we will be doing over there is beginning to sink in. It’s daunting, and I keep going over how many things still need to be done (so many!).

When I’m feeling this way, I find it helpful to stop and think about God’s amazing world, and how I live in one of the most privileged parts of it, with not only wealth and resources, but enough of these to travel to reach out to others with the gospel. What a blessing and responsibility!


When I start to feel anxious about the mission, I remind myself of God’s grace and the fact I know that when I am weak, God’s Holy Spirit makes me strong (2 Cor 12:10). 

I’m also comforted when I think about the amount of time we have spent in preparation for the mission. I learnt so much about Fijian culture, history, and geography during Fiji Week. This is something that really surprised me, and has given me such an appreciation of all the work that goes into preparing for cross-cultural mission.


My expectations of the trip are really vague at this point. I am excited, of course, but this type of thing is completely new to me; not just experiencing a different culture, but also the bigger idea of God’s global mission.

I expect to come across a lot of things that create confusion or sadness in me while in Fiji. However, the possibility to be struck with feelings of awe, inspiration and compassion excites me far beyond the threat of possible difficulties.

There are also things that the culture and atmosphere of Fiji hold out to us as Australians that I think will positively challenge the way we live our lives. In particular, Fijian culture is very relational and this is something I’m looking forward to experiencing and learning from.

I can’t wait to come back and think about all the friendships I have made in Fiji; how the culture allowed me to really connect with people, and to speak the gospel into their lives in such a unique way.

Doing these kinds of things, with this group of people, in a place like Fiji—by the grace of our amazing God—that’s the dream!

- Nathan Tamlyn


Photo: Nathan Tamyln (left) with small group mentor Matt Steele-Smith