The 2013 Synod has overwhelmingly passed a motion giving thanks and calling on parishes to continue to support indigenous churches and fellowships.

The motion was moved by indigenous pastor Michael Duckett and seconded by Archdeacon Deryck Howell, a member of the Sydney Anglican Indigenous Peoples' Ministry Committee.

Pastor Duckett, who looks after an indigenous congregation that meets in the old church at St Peter’s, Campbelltown, reported that other indigenous churches were meeting at Glebe, Mt Druitt and Nowra, and there were plans to start one in Redfern.

The motion thanked God “for those who first brought the gospel to this land and proclaimed it to our first peoples” and “for the thousands of indigenous believers who in past days have faithfully run the race set before them”.

Synod voted to call Mr Duckett to pray for indigenous work. Archbishop Davies then urged members to return to their parishes and highlight the motion’s call for them “to consider prayer, financial and other forms of partnership with our indigenous churches and fellowships beyond the present funding”.


Photo: Pastor Michael Duckett speaks to Synod

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