The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has opened an emergency appeal to respond to the fires in the Southern New South Wales beach town of Tathra.

69 houses were destroyed and 39 damaged as well as dozens of caravans, cabins and other buildings.

The area is part of the Canberra and Goulburn Diocese and Bishop Stuart Robinson, in his final statement before retiring, said he had received reports that 100 homes were being listed as having being destroyed and many hundreds of people were homeless.

“There is also very good cooperation between the different relief agencies as needs are being assessed and as interim shelter and care programmes come online.” Bishop Robinson said. 

Diocesan officials met with clergy, school and community leaders and the Bishop said they ‘expressed their gratitude to our diocese for the rapid and generous response. Anglicare has been universally praised.”The Anglican camping and youth centre in Tathra, know as Wambiri, escaped the flames, but the smoke damage is likely to be significant. 

Anglican Aid said the emergency appeal would support the Canberra and Goulburn Diocese response and funds would be disbursed through their work.

Photo: After the devastation: Burned out homes dot the landscape at Tathra.  Courtesy Airlie Walsh, Nine News (twitter)

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