Macquarie Park is a multicultural hub that is growing at twice the rate of your average Sydney suburb. It is home to the second-largest business district in NSW, two metro stations, a huge shopping centre and a university – all of which draw hundreds of thousands of people who don’t yet know Jesus.

With 36,000 people expected to move in over the next 10 years, Kirribilli-based parish Church by the Bridge saw an urgent need for more churches in Macquarie Park that could reach them with the gospel. After a successful launch in May, with 97 attending the first service, senior pastor the Rev Paul Dale says that “God has opened a new door for the church in this area of Sydney”. 

A challenging start

Any new church plant faces its challenges. But for CBTB Macquarie Park, these difficulties have been compounded as they started meeting less than two months before the lockdown.

“It’s hard to keep that going when we can’t gather and relationships were just forming!” says site pastor the Rev Andrew West. “Some people had only been a part of our church for two weeks.”

Despite this, Mr West says the congregation is trusting in God. “[We] know that he is building his church, even if the timing of this lockdown isn’t what we would have chosen.”

Mr West asks for prayer that God will help the team form deep relationships even when they can’t meet face to face, and that they will love one another deeply during this period. But more than anything, he asks for prayer that the lost will be saved through this church plant.

“Pray for revival, pray for God to be glorified and the lost won for Christ.”


A plentiful harvest 

God is already working through the launch participants, too. As a member of CBTB for more than 11 years, Belinda Lu is encouraged by how God is working through the church. “God has graciously grown our church family from five services to eight services across Kirribilli and Neutral Bay and now the launching of a new service at Macquarie Park,” she says.

Ms Lu decided to be part of the launch after realising how regularly she was in Macquarie Park for shopping, exercise and social activities. 

“After much time in prayer, it made sense to be part of the launch,” she says. “I am excited to be a light for Christ and do life with others in my local community.”

“I am excited to be a light for Christ and do life with others in my local community.”

Her prayer for the new congregation is that members will build relationships and be united in Christ as they work together to reach the lost in the area.

The new congregation at Macquarie Park meets in Trinity Chapel at Macquarie University. Those interested in joining can contact Andrew West (