When the weight of the pandemic was getting too much, I turned off the TV and censored my social media use in order to prevent being crushed by Coronavirus overload. Sensing many others felt the same about the state of affairs, actor John Krasinski stepped up and Some Good News was born.  

Krasinski decided it was time to change the tone of worldwide reporting. From the comfort of his own home, dressed in a fashionable combination of suit and tie up top – and a variety of other options below – he presents his weekly YouTube show, highlighting the good that’s happening around us. He compiles uplifting videos of people recovering from COVID-19, celebrates essential workers, acts of kindness and humans going above and beyond for one another. 

It’s a warm cup of tea for weary souls on dark days. Krasinski features celebrity friends, he interviews inspiring people and finds reasons to celebrate. He throws a prom (in place of all those cancelled in the United States) with musical guests in one episode, and a potluck dinner with celebrity chefs. 

    “The overriding thing we all miss is being together.”

Most importantly, Krasinski gets it. He acknowledges that we’re all feeling separated and stuck. “The truth is, the overriding thing we all miss is being together,” he says at the start of episode five. He concludes every episode with the uplifting reminder that “There is always good in the world.”

The show has exploded in popularity. Some Good News debuted on March 29, and overnight gained 330,000 subscribers. As of April 27, that total had reached 2.5 million. People tune in from all over the world, and even out of this world (astronauts on a space station sent their greetings by video). The mass appeal of this series confirms that, in uncertain and chaotic times, we all need a little morale boost to carry on. 

Many reasons to thank Him

Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a world with so much to be thankful for and celebrate? There are lots of mixed emotions right now, and many are struggling in different ways. Yet, good things still happen. God still blesses and sustains us. He gives us plenty of reasons to offer praise. Christians are told to rejoice always, regardless of circumstances, an instruction written while Paul the apostle was in jail (Philippians 4). Psalms tells us that creation always finds things to be joyful for. Psalm 148 implies that the sun, moon, and even sea creatures have reasons to be thankful! 

As followers of Jesus, we recognise that every wonderful moment and uplifting act is a gift from God. And so it is good and right for us to see and feel delight from the good things in this world. Instead of bunkering down, John Krasinski has used his time and talents to do something positive for the world, in a way that practically offers comfort and support to so many people struggling to cope. 

    “It is good and right for us to see and delight in the good things in this world.” 


Some Good News works hard to highlight the good things that are happening, and as Christians we recognise that it is God is doing these things through his creation. We should give thanks for these moments of delight and joy, of provision and help, of laughter and morale, of goodness in humanity. 

We have much to delight in, and share 

If you’re looking for something positive to keep you occupied while you bake banana bread or try and wrangle your schoolchildren to complete the tasks their teachers have set, Some Good News is the lighthearted entertainment you need in your day. It’s nice to be distracted from the heavier things in life with clips of singing delivery drivers, elderly people celebrating milestone birthdays, and guest appearances by Brad Pitt, the Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper and cast members from The Office. 

Our hearts are filled with joy at seeing displays of kindness, peace, self-sacrifice, gentleness and love towards one another. It’s a glimpse at what society could be without sin and brokenness. It’s how Jesus lived, in perfect obedience to the Father, full of compassion and care towards others, at great personal cost.

    “Our hearts are filled with joy at seeing displays of kindness…” 

Let’s be inspired and uplifted by Some Good News and, remembering the example of Jesus, go above and beyond to care for others. Let’s also be generous with our time and talents, and find ways to spread joy. In God’s kindness, he has provided us with both Jesus and memes! Christians will enjoy the uplifting and heartwarming content of Some Good News as an added bonus to the living hope we have in Jesus, which brings a deep delight even the Coronavirus can’t shake.