A number of new restrictions on gatherings mean that home groups are no longer possible according to government COVID-19 guidelines.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Tuesday night, that visits to homes, even with family, "should be kept to a minimum and with very small numbers of guests".

"Going out for the basics, going out for exercise, perhaps with your partner or family members provided it's a small group — that's fine. Barbecues of lots of friends or even extended family coming together to celebrate one-year-old birthday parties and all these sorts of things — we can't do those things now."

The Prime Minister did not further specify the measures, which are expected to be clarified by the NSW Government in further announcements.

The COVID-19 Taskforce is working on the implications of the new measures and updated information is on the Sydney Anglicans COVID response website.

Archbishop Glenn Davies, in a letter to church leaders on Monday night, said "I want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to facilitate the ongoing ministry of our churches during this time. I am very encouraged by the teamwork and gracious support of one another which I see across the diocese."

"Please be in prayer for Anglicare, as it works to continue its vital outreach through Mobile Pantry and Op Shops, while providing safeguards for volunteers and clients."

"I thank God for the rich talents with which he has gifted our churches as I think of the way you all, so quickly, met the challenges of providing virtual meetings when we could not gather face to face. Well done to all who enabled the technology of live streaming to beam into our lounge rooms across the diocese. I am particularly encouraged by the reports that so many people who were not churched watched our meetings avidly," the Archbishop said.

Quoting Philippians 4, the Archbishop said "Let us not be overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. Let us, with Paul, bring our requests to God, confident in the gift of peace that he gives to his children in an anxious world."